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click to enlargeIn 1934 Hitler, Göring and Blomberg signed this officer's promotion. Their signatures are authentic. The owner lives in the San Francisco area. Click the document for a full size enlargement. Click Göring's signature on that for detail enlagement

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Provenance of this Document

The owner writes: "MY father was Curtis Roe Allison, born in 1936 and began collecting historical items at an early age. Some items were family items, others he obtained from outside sources. I believe he obtained the Nazi document in Chicago when he was between the ages of 10-15. His entire life was devoted to history and he majored in U.S History in college. My family settled from England to Illinois (Chicago/Rockford) in the 1840's. When my father passed I inherited over 165 years of family belongings, some going back to England.

His primary interest was in the U.S. Civil War, railroads and steam ships. This interest also flowed with economics and big business. He collected rare currency, coins and stocks, bonds and stamps. Most of the articles date to the mid to late 19th century. I have now in my posession a U.S. Civil War sword dated 1854. Additionally, I have a rare 1912 book about the Titanic disaster that was published shortly after the event.

My father instilled a de-facto love of history in me, because I was surrounded by it my entire life. My father was somewhat eccentric. If I wanted to spend time with my father I had to do it by sitting quietly and playing chess. He taught me to play when I was 8 and when I got to high school I began winning and he never beat me again at chess.

My primary historical interest has been WWII. When I was in college I studied in Munich and London. My father was "amused" by my fascination with WWII. I personally own well over 1,000 books on the subject. For my 37th birthday my father took me on a National Geographic Expedition of the D-Day invasion in Normandy, which started in London, went south to South Hampton, then crossed the channel. "

David Irving comments: Tuesday, July 26, 2005: The signatures are ink originals; in the Göring signature you can see the "pen lift". At the end of the war Hitler had a civil servant signing his documents for him, but not in 1934.

Our Adolf Hitler dossier

Adolf Hitler and Reichs- marschall Hermann Göring (photo: Walther Hewel collection)

Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring (photo: Walther Frentz)

Adolf Hitler and Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg (photo: National Archives, R248, Hoffmann collection, 242-HB)

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