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posted Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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... and incidentally:

flag of the line

(above) 1951 shipping line's flag


45th Inf Division shoulder patch

(above) US Army National Guard, the 45th Infantry Division

G. Rohringer has found another strange location for the Swastika emblem, Wednesday, May 18, 2005 -- on the cover of the murdered Tsarina's diary.


The Tsarina's diary and the Swastika

Dear Mr. Irving, Not so long ago you were interested in past uses of the swastika.

Recently I found another example you may not be aware of. This one comes from the last diary book of the late Tsarina Alexandra with an entry shortly before her murder by the Bolsheviks.

This diary shows a swastika on the cover of the booklet. The cover was made by the Tsarina's daughter Tatiana and given to Alexandra in the beginning of 1918.

The source for this example is the book Nicholas and Alexandra, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., plate 608.

G. Rohringer

NOTE: Another source informs us that the swastika symbol was also used in the passports of members of the former Soviet Red Army (see below)

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Swastika emblem concealed in 1917 Russian banknotes
The new Little Hitlers Germans demand Europe-wide ban on use or display of swastika, Nazi symbols
The crooked cross Hindus in Britain have started a campaign to 'redeem' their Aryan swastika from its Nazi past
Worked into a woodwork project

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