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PFN of Verdun, Quebec, writes: "Investing in your books has been the best investment I had made." JC of Arizona writes: "I invested $5,000 with you over a year ago and what a great investment it has been. I appreciate the timely payments each quarter."
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London, Thursday, July 24, 2003

We currently invite investment at the following levels:

Level 1: $2,000 and above @ 5 percent per annum
Level 2: $5,000 and above @ 5.25 percent per annum
Level 3: $15,000 and above @ 5.75 percent per annum
Level 4: $20,000 and above @ 6 percent per annum

DresdenInvestors will have the right to purchase these books ex works at production cost if they state their requirements at the time of the investment; subsequent orders will benefit from preferential discounts. If you are interested, we will fax or e-mail to you the draft of the formal Loan Agreement that we are using with investors.

NurembergThe first book we must urgently reprint is "Nuremberg, the Last Battle", and then "Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden." Both books are perennial sellers, and we have exhausted our stocks of both.

Technical data: Our books' size is always 234mm x 156mm, as we shall eventually produce a complete series of reprints. They include lavish four-process picture sections of black & white and colour pictures on 115 gsm art paper, and have the dustjacket on 150gsm art; there will be end-papers to be made; the picture section will be made from film separations we provide (as used for the previous edition). The book will have case binding with gold blocking, sewn sections with gloss laminated dust jacket.

Financial costs: Our most recent quotations for each volume, by one of Britain's best book printers (we attach importance to quality) give us a rough production cost of $5 per volume against the new selling price of$35-40. There is no tax on any of these production costs. We are planning to reprint 4,000.

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