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David Irving: an old schoolfriend locates Mr Irving after forty-five years thanks to the Internet

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Friday, August 15, 2003

I apologise in advance because this trivial message has little to do with your tribulations; I wondered whether you have received much support from fellow ex-pupils at Brentwood [School]?

As far as I am concerned, I have been proud to be able to claim that my schooling took place during your years there [1947-1956] (same age but vast difference in ability).

I hated the place, actually, so was, among many others, overjoyed at your (in those days) eccentric and pointedly obstinate choice of school prize (one of many, I remember). After you left, my brother succeeded you as monopoliser of the Headmaster's Art Prize. He was not, though, as distinguished at History as I was; my O-level mark was only expressible in imaginary numbers.

As my life was dedicated solely to music, I must confess that my non-fiction reading has been restricted to that discipline; I own shelves of fat books on various philosophic and scientific subjects, but confess that many of them remain virgin volumes. Just as, during one's youthful quest for amorous and lustful satisfaction, one became disillusioned with the false mapping of exterior trappings with the realities beneath, so it is with some literary works. I hope your books are not like that because I am about to risk my admiration for i) your stance and ii) what I remember of your outstanding scholarship, by buying a few.

(You were not too bad a bass-drummer either (don't deny it, I have ze pictures). . . I, too, used to smirk as Col. J.J. Jones' face turned chalky white when the utterly dreadful cacophony of the C.C.F. band shuffled past his pompous salute; it never occurred to him, I'm sure, that one of our manouevres was nicknamed "The Ferris Wheel".) [Ferris, the school caretaker, was the bandmaster].

I remember you from those days as being a generally kindly, amusing person; quite tolerant , in fact, considering you were surrounded by rather more frivolous -- nay, thick -- mucky "little" boys. In the Band that is; your academic existence was, as far as I was concerned, unknown territory. Because of those memories, I find it galling that [Ian] Hislop, among others, seem to have this instinct for guffawing whenever unjust actions against people (presumably he has never met you?) in your position come to light. At least you have, I think, Michael Wharton ["Peter Simple" of The Daily Telegraph] on your side.

Enough of this, I just wondered whether many other ex-Brentwoods wrote to you offering support. Did you ever hear from D'Arcy? He was pretty bright at history, I believe, and wore the air of a future "academic"

Your website is -- er -- large enough. So I suppose I am about to be re-educated -- or perhaps I never was, anyway. Rennie [one of the most feared teachers] would have hated this uneconomical crap, so, if you have read it, sorry

Tony Jack

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