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On August 17, 1998 Nick Fraser's assistant, Ms. Jo Lapping, e-mailed to Mr Irving in the USA:

I would be grateful if you could let me know what your current plans are so that we can start thinking about rescheduling the interview.

Thank you

Jo Lapping

Mr Irving responded:

Dear Jo Lapping

I currently plan to be back in London August 24. Give me a clear week after that before we film. I have one or two court days early in September (about 2 or 3); ask my London office (Benté) at 491 3498 for, she'll have the "Mishcon letters" there with the dates.

I issued a press release on the Auschwitz refusal, and Mrs Olesky is refusing to answer all journalists' questions.

David Irving (currently on US.19 on the way down to Key West).

THE interview was arranged for October. Mr Irving asked for it to be conducted at his Mayfair home, saying he was usually filmed in his study. Nick Fraser explained that he had filmed all other participants in the open air, and suggested Hyde Park. Meeting at Hyde Park, Mr Fraser proposed filming Mr Irving on the steps of the Holocaust memorial there. Puzzled by this proposal, Mr Irving refused on grounds of taste. Mr Fraser then proposed Speaker's Corner. During the interview, which lasted an hour, it rapidly became plain that Fraser's topic was not Freedom of Speech at all, but his experiences touring the neo-Nazi scene in Europe, about which Mr Irving was not interested in the least.


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