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April 21, 1998



Dear David

I said that I would get back to you about our project with a proposal--and here it is.

We'd like to film with you--but we'd rather do it in situ than in your well trodden apartment.

I have done a lot of work on the question of denial so I now understand your position ie: that you are not a "denier". So I would like to discover what you think and also your views about the legislation that effects discussion of such matters.

Would you be prepared to come to Poland with me? If you are for this could we talk about dates.

Yours sincerely

Nick Fraser


David Irving responded, April 21, 1998:

Nick, thanks for your fax which I just downloaded as I am about to continue my travels. I'll fit in with your plans. You can reach me by e-mail direct on (I am in the USA: West Coast today, Denver tomorrow, East Coast from Thursday).

He added in an immediately following message:
Please bear in mind that no travel arrangements made for Poland can involve stop overs by me on German territory. Unless BBCtv wishes to support Benté and my child for the next five or six years!

David Irving


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