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Jo Lapping, assistant to producer Nick Fraser, e-mails to Mr Irving:

Date: July 3, 1998

Subject: BBC travel plans

Thank you for your e-mail. I have spoken to the producers.

Visas are not necessary for UK passport holders and I am currently holding the following flights for you with Polish Airlines via Warsaw, please could you let me know if these times are feasible - as I mentioned, it will be one day's filming on Wednesday 19 August:

Tuesday 18 August - Outward bound
Depart London Heathrow 1050
Arrive Warsaw 1415 depart Warsaw 1510
Arrive Krakov 1610

Saturday 22 August - Return
Depart Krakov 1310
Arrive Warsaw 1405 depart Warsaw 1450
Arrive London Heathrow 1630

Please could you also let me know where your tickets should be sent.

This is only a temporary e-mail address for the remainder of this week (until Friday 10 July), however, any e-mails sent to the usual BBC address will be forwarded.

Jo Lapping


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