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Posted Sunday, March 21, 2004 • HELP MR IRVING'S LEGAL BATTLES click

David Irving sends a registered letter of complaint to Emory University's Charles Spornick, January 24, 2004

Key West, Florida, Saturday, January 24, 2004

[1:47 PM]

Dear Mr Spornick,

On January 7, I sent the following email to the webmaster of a website which is registered in the name of Emory University, namely www.

This letter gives you the written notice under US digital communications laws to remove within seven (7) working days all copyright materials which are my copyright, and which you have without permission posted on the Internet domain identified as and particularly those at the directory with this URL


failing which I shall apply all remedies available to me in law, seek punitive damages for breach of copyright, and take such action with your ISP as is available to me under the Digital Communications legislation to ensure that this breach of copyright is not repeated.

Please confirm by return in writing to this email address AND to the mail address below that you will remove all such copyright materials.

2. I reserve the right also to proceed against yourselves as website owners and the Defendant Deborah Lipstadt for the publication of privileged materials obtained by the process of Discovery (Disclosure), which is an egregious Contempt of Court under UK law.

Such breaches of the rules of Discovery are very severely punished by the UK courts. The penalties for such contempts are rightly harsh, including imprisonment and damages, and would effectively prevent Lipstadt from entering the jurisdiction of the UK Courts until such contempt was purged.

David Irving [...].

I have received no acknowledgment of this email, and I have satisfied myself that at 5 p.m. this evening the website as described was still publicly posted on the Internet. Your legal advisers will be familiar with the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and the posting of these items on your website without the permission of the copyright owner is a clear violation of that Act.

For the purposes of completeness I draw your attention to the fact that the offending website and its URL (uniform resource locator) are registered in the name of Emory University. The website to which I refer has the IP address: 206.+++.+++.28. Records show that it was created on August 29, 2000, and was last updated on October 19, 2003: i.e. the offending materials have been illegally published for a minimum of 96 days and maximum of 124+365+365+365+23 days. The website is formally registered in the name of yourself Charles Spornick and Emory University, at Emory University, 540 Asbury Circle, Atlanta GA 30322.

I require that this violation of my rights be ended forthwith. Please confirm by return that you will do so, stating what action you have taken and as of what date and time. I reserve all rights in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving


Charles Spornick
Emory University
540 Asbury Circle
GA 30322 USA


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Emory University acknowledged\s receipt of the above letter, Feb 4, 2004 
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