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Bill Biega writes from Pennsylvania on October 12, 2002



Lukacs billed to waffle about Nazi A-Bomb

THE U. S. Army Military History Institute (US Army War College) , which is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania,and is about six miles from my home, is sponsoring a public lecture Wednesday October 16, 2002. "How German strategists faced the challenge of a two front war." Dr. John Lukács will speak on the above as well as German "A" bomb."

The paper states that Mr. Lukacs is one of the foremost scholars of Churchill and Hitler as war leaders and of the strategy of WWII in Europe. He will also be signing his book "The Dual Struggle between Churchill and Hitler.

If my work schedule permits, I might try and attend, although it is a pain to get into the Carlisle Barracks since 9/11. Searches, barriers, long waits etc.

Bill Biega

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Irving David Irving replies:

You might go along and ask:

1. how come Lukacs suddenly knows all about the Nazi A-bomb?

2. Did he personally interview Heisenberg, Hahn, Harteck, Bagge and all the other German scientists who had worked on the project, as well as Goudsmit, Perrin and the other Allied Intelligence officers working against them; does he know anybody else who did (hint: David Irving did for his book The German Atomic Bomb, the historian he is always attacking, whose work is highly praised by Thomas Powers who wrote the more recent Heisenberg biography, and by Heisenberg himself (a Nobel prize winner for Physics) in a half-page review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 1967 (and I can just hear Prof Richard ("Skunk") Evans now spluttering, "Ah, but Heisenberg did not know his stuff -- he was lazy and ignorant of what he was talking about...!" That is what Evans said about all the other professors and academics who wrote fine things about my history).

3. what is the real reason for Lukacs' thirty year vendetta against Mr Irving?

You might like just to check my index of stuff on Lukacs and his lies. Have fun!

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