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M. Ray Millman, jr is infuriated to see writer John Lukács still squirting bile, Tuesday, October 22, 2002



John Lukács has done it again

AS an ardent admirer, supporter, and devotee of yours, I was furious when I opened the November/December 2002 issue of American Heritage -- published by Forbes, Inc. See the article "The Churchill-Roosevelt Forgeries" by John Lukacs on pgs. 65-67.

On page 65, the last paragraph of the 2nd column reads,

"It is detectable in the career of the "revisionist" David Irving, who followed his Hitler's War with, 10 yeas later, Churchill's War, the first exonerating Hitler from villainy, the second attributing to Churchill all kinds of villainies."

I do hope that you will respond to this vicious denigration, which is a continuation of his many years (1972) of derogatory remarks and attacks directed at you.

M. Ray Millman, jr


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Irving David Irving replies:

I STRONGLY doubt that Mr Lukács has ever read a book that I have written.

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