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Above: Professor Deborah Lipstadt

Invited by the Australian Institute of Jewish Affairs, Inc., to tour Australia in July 1994 and defame the revisionists

David Irving writes to an Australian Supporter

July 20, 1994

London, July 21, 1994
Drafted 10:12 am

From: David Irving, London
To: Joseph Homenko

THANK YOU for your message about that programme on July 20 evening about the ABC television programme "Lateline".

"Holocaust denial" is of course a phrase that Deborah Lipstadt herself invented: very clever, when you think about it. Watch how it now crops up in the media everywhere.

Suffice to say no "plans of gas chambers" were found in those Moscow archives where I worked or anywhere else; that is the extraordinary thing -- the archives have the entire SS construction blueprints for Auschwitz, but: still no gas chambers!

What they show the moronic TV audience is plans of Leichenkeller (morgues) or crematoria, and -- gosh! -- I daresay there are even morgues and crematoria in Sydney. Then they throw in that other propaganda buzzword "gas ovens", and the connex is made in the stupidest brain.

Lipstadt's specific points about me: Yes, a bunch of loony British MPs tabled what's called an "Early Day motion" vilifying me on June 20, 1989 -- that's an instrument which is not debated or voted on, but provides a useful means for lawmakers to vilify a member of the public from within the privileged walls of the House of Commons. The Parliamentary lynch-party included kingpins of the House's Jewish community like Greville Janner [...] and Ivan Lawrence, the selfsame barrister who unsuccessfully defended the criminal Searchlight editor Gerald Gable on housebreaking charges in November 1963 (he got caught red-handed by the police burglarizing my apartment!) Their Motion was given wide publicity, as was their intent. It proposed

that this House, on the occasion of the reunion in London of 1,000 refugees from the holocaust, most of whose families were killed in gas chambers or otherwise by Nazi murderers, is appalled by the allegation by Nazi propagandist and long-time Hitler apologist David Irving that the infamous gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka and Majdendk [sic] did not exist ever, except perhaps, as the brainchild of Britain's brilliant wartime Psychological Warfare Executive; draws attention to a new fascist publication, The Leuchter Report, in which this evil calumny appears; and condemns without qualification such pernicious works of Hitler's heirs.

There is no portrait of the Führer over my desk (or anywhere else in my apartment). But it's another favourite lie of theirs. If she says she could "demolish" me in debate, then let us ask her: why did she turn down my offer to debate her in Atlanta, Georgia last October [November]; I addressed an audience in the city's courthouse, and she fled to Boston that morning on suddenly remembered urgent business! In fact she has established the basic principle that Exterminationists -- as we should call them -- must never, ever, debate with Revisionists. We can only guess why! Their only weapon is suppression, defamation, and -- in Australia -- bribery of prime ministers.

Joe, I'd be interested in an audio tape to see if she said anything actionable. That's the only language these "academics" understand. Thanks meanwhile for keeping me up to speed on what's going on in the media: you're invaluable.

Yours sincerely,
David Irving

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