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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, British attorney Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, introduced an affidavit attacking Mr Irving’s character, sworn for him by one Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon -- a sick-bunny of the American far left. We invited pertinent comments from fpp-Website visitors by e-mail to Mr Irving and these turned up some little-known facts about Mr Julius’ gang-member pal. We have received this leaflet about his "Coalition for Human Dignity". We deprecate some of its language, but offer it as a starting point for further investigations into Mr Mozzochi, and invite further submissions.



Jonathan Mozzochi's Criminal History:

MozzochiIn 1989, Jonathan Mozzochi was wanted by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (A.T.F.) for a residential firebombing in Northwest Portland (Oregon). Jonathan, who was violently opposed to it's construction, firebombed a condominium-project. He was soon arrested and charged, but cut some sort of a deal with the A.T.F. (the details of which the Bureau refuses to publicly disclose) to avoid prosecution. Some have alleged that Mr. Mozzochi agreed to act as an A.T.F. informant in exchange for not being prosecuted. The A.T.F. has refused to comment on this allegation.

In 1991, while working for the C.H.D., Jonathan was arrested and charged with third-degree Theft in Eugene (Oregon). One might want to ask Mr. Mozzochi, what exactly does shoplifting have to do with "fighting racism & bigotry"?

In June, 1992, the Portland Police Bureau Gang Enforcement Team listed Jonathan Gary Mozzochi as a "Skinhead-gang associate" in an inter-office report on Portland (Oregon) gang activity.

Jonathan Mozzochi's Personal Political Agenda and Strange Beliefs:

As ridiculous and far-fetched as it may be, Jonathan Mozzochi is a devout adherent of Marxism. He sincerely believes that today's social programs aren't nearly enough, and that the only way that America can be "saved" from the "evils" of "racism" is to implement a "neo-Marxist" form of government in the U.S. A government in which people are criminally-prosecuted for publishing, reading, speaking, and thinking "insensitive" and "racist" ideas.

And if that doesn't sound outrageous enough, Mr. Mozzochi has repeatedly stated that "black's" and other "people of color" CANNOT be "racist". He claims that "Only WHITES can be racist". He, of course, does not include himself in this claim. When pressed for further details about who exactly can be "racist", Jonathan makes it quite clear that he believes that white, heterosexuals, particularly religious white heterosexuals, are the source of all "racism, hatred, and bigotry" in the world. Who is a "Nazi" in Jonathan Mozzochi's opinion? Everyone from House Speaker Newt Gingrich to Portland alternative newspaper publisher Jim Redden!


C.H.D.'s Involvement with Violent Skinheads and Other Extremists:

In an, 1991, interview with the Sunnyside Review newspaper (vol. 2, no 1), the C.H.D. director, Jonathan Mozzochi, praised and encouraged the presence of "anti racist" Skinhead-gangs on the streets of Southeast Portland. Mozzochi complained against the Portland Police crack-down on violent "anti-racist" Skinhead street-gangs and stated that he (Mozzochi) was personally taking a leadership role in "reorganizing" these Skinhead thugs. In fact, Mozzochi held meetings with these violent Skinheads at the C.H.D. headquarters, at which he instructed and encouraged the Skinheads in the "fine art of Nazi-bashing".

In the May 90 Issue of Willamette Week, Skinheads Mark Newman, Pan Nesbit, and Tom Tegner are shown photographed together at a Coalition for Human Dignity office located at 333 Southeast Third street. These violent Skinheads met at the C.H.D.'s Third street office regularly, with the permission and funding of Jonathan Mozzochi, and discussed ways to "fight" and "smash racists"!

On August 26, 1990, Coalition for Human Dignity associate, Mark Newman, along with a group of 8 to 10 self-proclaimed "anti-racist Skinheads" and C.H.D. associates assaulted two young women at a convenience store on Southeast Hawthorne (Portland, OR). One of the young women sustained a fractured skull after being beaten with a roofing hammer. Mark Newman and his "anti-racist" gang justified the assault because the two women were "friends of racists". Mark was charged with First-degree Assault and later plead guilty to the charge of Second-degree Assault. Tom Tegner, who participated in the beating, was convicted of First-degree Assault. Mr. Tegner was also a close associate of the Coalition for Human Dignity.

Mozzochi used C.H.D. funding (over $500) to sponsor two Portland (Oregon) Skinhead concerts in October of 1990 for the private army of "anti-racist" Skinheads that he was organizing and recruiting. The C.H.D. even went so far as to place "Wanted Dead or Alive I" posters of persons who Mozzochi personally hated all over Southeast Portland neighborhoods.

On February 15, 1992, 16-year-old Zack Taylor is so severely beaten by three "anti-racist" Skinheads in Southeast Portland, that he was comatose for over two weeks and sustained permanent brain damage. One of the arrested assailants, Pan Nesbit, is a self-proclaimed "Nazi-hunter" and a long-time associate of the C.H.D. Zack was allegedly beaten because he had "racist friends".

On January 1, 1993, Eric Banks, age 21, was shot to death in Southeast Portland by a gang of self-described "anti-racist Skinheads". Among the group of "anti-racists" were C.H.D. associates Pan Nesbit (one of the assailants of 16-year-old Zak Taylor) and Tom Tegner (one of the convicted assailants of the two young women on August 26, 1990). Once again, the reason given for the attack and subsequent murder of Mr. Banks was that he was a "racist".

Jonathan Mozzochi has also recruited into the C.H.D. equal weirdo's such as Abby Layton, Matt Halpern, Patricia McGuire, Susan Wheeler, and Ron Gardiner--fellow "neo-Marxist" radicals and self-described "Nazi-hunters", and ultra-orthodox "Zionist" Steven Wasserstrom (fanatically anti-Muslim & Christian), who share Mozzochi's political agenda.


C.H.D.'s History of Violence, Intimidation, and Harassment:

The C.H.D.'s most often and effective tools used against their political enemies are threats & intimidation. Mozzochi and/or other C.H.D. members will phone hotels or meeting-halls where his enemies plan to meet. They will then tell the owner or manager that "we can't ensure the safety of your employees" or "Skinheads will be there" (They have done this to the Portland Holiday-Inn, the Beaverton Westgate Plaza, and even to a Portland Presbyterian Church). What they don't tell the manager or owner, is that Mozzochi himself will bring the Skinheads and the threat of violence!

In May, 1992, The "Coalition for Human Dignity" organized a widely-publicized rally and march in downtown Portland (OR) for the purpose of which was to "confront neo-Nazis" in Portland (OR). After the rally-portion of the protest, Jonathan Mozzochi led a large group of Skinheads, "Anarchists", and "Marxist" marching towards City Hall. By the time Mozzochi and his Skinhead buddies reached City Hall, the march devolved into a foil-blown riot. The marchers began shouting "Kill the Pigs!", fighting with the Portland Police, and smashing the storefront windows of nearby businesses. Jonathan quietly and inconspicuously slipped out of sight to avoid arrest.

In October, 1992, Police Officers from both Gresham and East Portland (OR) met with the Campus Security of Mount Hood Community College to discuss preparation for a protest that the C.H.D. was to have at the Campus. The Police warned the Campus Security that the C.H.D. and their associates were known for throwing feces and urine during their protests. Sure enough, when the C.H.D. and company staged their protest, not only did they hurl bodily excrement at the Security and people they were protesting, but also rocks and bottles! One might wonder, what kind of "Human Dignity" is there in doing such filthy & violent things?

On February 12, 1994. Jonathan Mozzochi and fellow C.H.D. member, Matthew Halpern, were taking photos of and harassing people (most of them elderly men & women) attending a private meeting in Beaverton (OR). Mozzochi and Halpern, apparently not content with merely harassing the attendees, began threatening and intimidating them. Matthew Halpern then pulled a 9mm semi-automatic pistol from underneath his jacket and aimed it at one of the attendees. The Police were called and Mr. Halpern was arrested by Beaverton Police Officer Steve Silvis.


Jonathan Mozzochi's Habitual Lying & Exaggerations:

Mr. Mozzochi has a history of lying to people. In fact, he has even lied about his own name, saying that "Jonathan Mozzochi isn't my real name". He uses lies for many purposes; one of which is to receive free publicity for the C.H.D. in the newsmedia.

In July, 1993, Jonathan lied to The Columbian and The Oregonian newspapers a said that a Scandinavian Heritage Festival that was to be held in Southwest Washington was in reality a "White-supremacist rally". Both papers, accepting Mozzochi's lies as truth, printed the false allegations. The next day, The Columbian newspaper (faced with a lawsuit) retracted the false allegations and printed an apologia.

Unfortunately, some reporters for The Oregonian newspaper, who either share Mozzochi's political agenda, or are ignorant of it.


C.H.D.: Non-Profit or Personal Income for Mozzochi?

Despite Mozzochi's education at Oregon's Lewis & Clark College (which was paid for by his mommy & daddy) he has not been able to hold-down a decent or steady job.

Jonathan Mozzochi is the only "volunteer" who receives a full-time salary drawn from donations given to the C.H.D. In 1993, the C.H.D. reported more than $38,580 in income from donations; almost half of that ($16,850) went directly into Jonathan's deep-pocket. According to tax forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Jonathan Mozzochi was listed as being "compensated" $4,429 for each 40-hour work week!

What is it exactly that Mr. Mozzochi is paid a handsome salary for? Taking into consideration his past activities, one could conclude that Jonathan Mozzochi is bankrolled by the C.H.D. (a "non-profit" corporation) to intimidate and harass his political enemies.

Many letters of reprimand, from the Oregon Department of Justice, for failure to report income have been issued to the C.H.D.


Why Hasn't Mozzochi Been Prosecuted?

The fact is, Jonathan Mozzochi and his spurious activities are currently under investigation. But fortunately for Mr. Mozzochi, he has made some powerful political allies (including Multnomah county Commission Chairwoman Beverly Stein).



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