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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, British attorney Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, introduced an affidavit attacking Mr Irving’s character, sworn for him by one Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon -- a sick-bunny of the American far left. We invited pertinent comments from fpp-Website visitors by e-mail to Mr Irving. Among them, months later, was this article. . .

Jonathan Gary

Anti-Hate Group Faces Bankruptcy

CHUD Going Bust, Sources Say

ACCORDING to an article in this week's Seattle Gay News, the Coalition for Human Dignity, an anti-hate group founded by an ex-arsonist skinhead which enjoyed close ties to the gay community, is going bankrupt from lack of grants.

The group and its founder, Jonathan Mozzochi, had been controversial, after Mozzochi threw feces on alleged Holocaust denier David Irving, and after the group was repeatedly sued for libel after publishing a series of falicious reports, first alleging that a man and his Hispanic wife were "right-wing white supremacists", and then alleging that radical Traditionalist Michael Moynihan was involved in a "black metal hate conspiracy" that threatened to take over the minds of American youth.

Mozzochi was purged from the group after what the current director, Eric Ward, described as "staff difficulties", and the most recent director, Terre Rybovich, has resigned after discovering there was no money left for payment of salaries.

Ward says it is hard to operate without grants, and that he was surprised the grants were pulled, but that he will continue to attempt to issue "reports" on "haters". The group enjoyed close ties to both Chris Berlet's Public Research Associates and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and accusations of homosexual relationships between the group's heads and senior members of the SPLC and PRA surrounded the organizations in controversy.

The coalition had been receiving a $600,000 a year subsidy to support its report writing, and to help settle libel lawsuits brought by innocent citizens the group slandered.

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