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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, British attorney Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, introduced an affidavit attacking Mr Irving’s character, sworn for him by one Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon -- a sick-bunny of the American far left. We invited pertinent comments from fpp-Website visitors by e-mail to Mr Irving and these turned up some little-known facts about Mr Julius’ gang-member pal.

Jonathan Gary Mozzochi

Portland Police report

Spellings as in original document

DATE: June 5, 1992

TO:   All Concerned

Bureau of Police



FROM: Officer Larry Siewert/CID

SUBJ: Officer Loren Christensen/GET

White Supremacy Activity, May 1992

Bul. 92-004


No Case #

200 Blk/SW 2nd Ave.


Officer stops and questions two individuals repotedly yelling threats in downtown Portland. Both subjects are known SHARP skinhead associates.

MOZZOCHI, Jonathan Gary, M/W, 02-01-66

STOGNER, Michael Shawn, M/W, 09-03-67

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