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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, British attorney Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, introduced an affidavit attacking Mr Irving’s character, sworn for him by one Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon -- a sick-bunny of the American far left. We invited pertinent comments from fpp-Website visitors by e-mail to Mr Irving. One provided this article across which he had stumbled on the Web, published by Runestone.

Jonathan Gary

"Race Hatred" and The Runestone

Longtime readers will be interested - and possibly amazed - to learn that
The Runestone "promotes race hatred."

YES, IT surprised me, too. But it must be true. Who am I to argue with the watchdogs of political correctness? News of our hatemongering appeared in a newspaper titled, appropriately enough, The Stranger, published in the Pacific Northwest. Wedged between sex show ads and various other pieces of urban high culture was an article titled, intelligently, "Kennewick Man was a Nazi."

You'd think that the name of the article, all by itself, might indicate that we were dealing here with a pretty high paranoia quotient. After all, Kennewick Man has been dead for more than nine thousand years. But to author David Newman and his "research assistant" Jonathon Mozzochi, probably everyone except themselves has a hint of Aryan superiority complex to them (Nelson Mandela may be exempt ... but Michael Jackson is very suspicious!).

Mozzochi is connected to one of those "anti-hate groups" that seem, paradoxically, to hate other people with a mindless passion understandable only to the kind of ideologues one finds on the totalitarian fringe. His particular organization is the "Coalition for Human Dignity," which we have lately taken to calling CHUD...Some of you may remember a minor horror film of the same name; and yes, there is a resemblance! Newman and Mozzochi pile guilt by association on top of plain old fashioned lies, excluding all the evidence that might interfere with their fantasies. In short, it was the same pathetic garbage in which their ilk love to traffic. Most of it is eminently forgettable.

One piece, however, is so illustrative of the radical left's thought processes that I cannot resist holding it up for your examination. It is precisely the part of the article which is supposed to convince the reader that The Runestone promotes race hatred.

"..The Runestone, AFA's newsletter, pursues a subtle brand of race hatred. For example, one issue quotes black nationalist Leonard Jeffries as saying he'd like to leave his children a world free of white people. Runestone adds: 'How does that make you feel, descendants of Vikings?'"

You have, of course, instantly spotted the race hater in this paragraph. It's me. No, not Jeffries, who calls for genocide against people of European descent - but me, for suggesting that there's anything wrong with the idea!

So now you know. All this time, you've been reading the work of a hardened racist criminal, a European-American so wrong-headed that he actually criticized a Person of Color for suggesting the extermination of his kin! What audacity!

What sort of a mental world must people like Newman inhabit? It's peculiar enough that he would think my protest to be "race hatred," while having not even the slightest reprimand for Jeffries' truly hate-filled speech. It is even stranger that he thinks that ordinary people, real folks of any race, would agree with his delusion. Unfortunately, Mozzochi, as a self-proclaimed expert on Asatru, has been widely quoted in major newspapers dishing out his brand of hatred and misinformation.

If the "watchdog organizations" are going to protect us from those skinhead armies threatening to take over the nation tomorrow (They'll be glad to tell you all about that) - who will protect us from their paranoid, Stalinoid madness?

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