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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, lawyer Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, obtained this affidavit from a Mr Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, a sick-bunny of the American far Left. Pertinent comments of Website visitors are invited by e-mail to Mr Irving.

Deponent: Jonathan Mozzochi
For Second Defendant
First Affidavit
Exhibit "JGM1"
Sworn: May 1998


1996 I No.1113



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I, JONATHAN GARY MOZZOCHI, research director of the Coalition for Human Dignity, a 501 DC (3), non-profit corporation located in Seattle, Washington, United States of America, MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:-

1. I serve as a research director for the Coalition for Human Dignity, a civil rights organisation that monitors organised hate groups from offices in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The contents of this affidavit are within my own knowledge save where appears otherwise from the context.

2. I swear this affidavit in support of Professor Lipstadt's application against the Plaintiff ("Mr Irving") for an order in the terms set out in the Summons.

3. Mr Irving, in his role as a neo-fascist propagandist and Holocaust denier, has made four lecture tours in the United States, (1992, 1994, 1995, 1998). For each of these tours he has relied upon a small coterie of neo-Nazi and anti-Semites to officially sponsor, organise, publicise, secure and handle the logistics associated with organising his events.

4. To my knowledge Mr Irving has never been invited to deliver, nor has he ever delivered, a lecture or appearance before any widely recognised historical society, academic body or professional association in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. To the contrary, Mr Irving's seven lectures delivered in the Pacific Northwest during the past six years have all been organised by far-right, political extremists. The attendees appear to have been drawn from the political fringes and Mr Irving's remarks have tended to reflect his audiences.

5. A cursory overview of the major figures involved in promoting these events presents a disturbing picture of the neo-Nazi network Mr Irving relies upon to organise his speaking tours.

Portland, Oregon - 16 October 1992

6. Mr Irving's Portland event was spearheaded by Michael T Clinton, the titular head of the "Siegfried Society", a small group of pagan racialists. Operating under the alias, "Reinhold Gast Clinton," Michael Clinton advertised Irving's talk in the Spotlight magazine, the largest circulation anti-Semitic weekly newspaper in the United States. Mr Clinton provided his home phone number for all events advertising, provided information about the event, handled logistics for the event, served as emcee for Irving's lecture, and presented Irving with a "Hammer of Thor" replica in appreciation of Mr Irving's activities.

7. It is worth noting that six months prior to Irving's talk, Michael Clinton [SEE NOTE 1 AT FOOT OF THIS DOCUMENT] was stopped by police in a suburb of Portland after he and two of Oregon's most notorious neo-Nazi skinheads, Robert Heick and Jason Mowdy of the American Front, were found leafleting vehicles with Holocaust denial propaganda. As is commonly the case, neo-Nazi skinheads served as visible, and menacing, security for Irving's talk.

Portland, Oregon - 10 October 1994

8. Mr Irving's 10 October lecture in Portland, Oregon featured a small, tight-knit group of neo-Nazi skinheads [SEE NOTE 2 AT FOOT OF THIS DOCUMENT] who functioned as event producers and security personnel. Two groups officially sponsored the event. The "Northwest Historical Society" a small group of Holocaust deniers who have admitted forming the organisation for the sole purpose of bringing Irving to the Northwest; and a shadowy neo-Nazi organisation calling itself the "Northwest Concern" which supports the creation of an all-white "Aryan State" in a geographical area encompassing Oregon, Idaho and Washington states.

9. Racist skinheads associated with the Northwest Concern sported "David Irving Event" badges to convey their official status. They handled ticket sales and "crowd control" for the talk. One event organiser, Derek Stenzel, served as one of two contact people for tickets to the event. Mr Stenzel's home number was listed on flyers advertising the event. Mr Stenzel was placed under arrest by Portland Police officers just prior to, and only a few yards from Irving's talk. Arrested for breaking parole, Stenzel was convicted for a violent hate crime in 1993 for his part in a vicious assault on an African-American man. The flyers and other promotional material in relation to these events and now produced and shown to me in an exhibit marked "JGM 1". Also included in the exhibit is material produced by some of the groups for whom Mr Irving has spoken.

10. Mr Irving's Portland lecture was promoted by the Institute for Historical Review, the foremost international outlet for Holocaust denial material in the world.

Vancouver, Washington - 15 October 1995

11. Mr Irving's talk was organised by veteran anti-Semite David "Buck" Boomhower of Vancouver, Washington through the Northwest Historical Society. In an interview with the Vancouver Columbian (19 November 1995), Boomhower described the society as a "loose-knit, informal group whose primary function has been to sponsor Irving's lectures in this area." Clark County Undersheriff Paul Pastor attended a portion of the event, and he was disturbed when he saw "pro-Hitler" and "pro-Third Reich" publications on display. Mr Irving's presentation before about 70 people included the following remarks:-

"Isn't it odd that if there were gas chambers in Auschwitz .... there's no scientific trace whatsoever of any cyanide compound in the walls of gas chambers?... There's not a single German document referring to gas chambers or gassings dated before the end of World War II . . ."

"The crime in World War II wasn't genocide, which, to my mind is another Jewish legend. . ." [SEE NOTE 3 AT FOOT OF THIS DOCUMENT]

"If the gas chamber legend collapses, as it will finally within the next three months.... then I think there will be a very large swing around of taxpayer opinion in the United States and Germany [on subsidies to Israel]... the state of Israel will probably be dead and gone within the next 10 years"

Seattle, Washington - 14 October 1995

12. Mr Irving's 14 October lecture was given at a high school in Seattle, Washington and was co-ordinated by area neo-Nazis such as Harry Schmidt, the long-time chairman of the Washington State Populist Party and a notorious area neo-Nazi and the Grand Dragon of the Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Kim Badynski. An invocation was delivered by Mark Downey, a vocal anti-Semite and Christian Identity adherent. 40 people were in attendance, including some 10 skinheads.

Seattle, Washington - 12 April 1998

13. This tour was billed as Mr Irving's last in North America and has been organised by largely the same political extremists as previous trips. Kim Badynski, Grand Dragon of the Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, provided security for Irving's 1998 Seattle lecture together with the familiar Harry Schmidt, a well known Seattle-area neo-Nazi and Doyal Gudgel, a Seattle-based far-right activist. Heinz Koppe, a veteran neo-Nazi from North Delta, British Columbia, Canada was a contact for tickets and information concerning the Irving event, Koppe was quoted in a December 9, 1992 article in the Surrey-North Delta Now arguing that "They talk about hundreds of thousands of Jews who were shot and put in mass graves. How come they have never found a grave full of Jews". In the same article Koppe admitted sharing some of Hitler's racial philosophies and argued that "racial mixing" is against "God and nature

Pullman, Washington - 13 April 1998

14. Unlike other lectures by Mr Irving in the Pacific Northwest, his talk delivered to a group of 275 students and faculty at Washington State University ("WSU") was an unusual gathering. This talk was sponsored by a young Holocaust denier, Justin Reid, and a small group of associates active on the WSU campus. No student group, faculty member, or school department was involved in, or supported Irving's talk at WSU. But unlike all other Irving appearances, this event was open to the public. Literature distributed by Reid and his supporters included an article by Bruce Hagen entitled "Holocaust Revisionism in a Nutshell". Hagen writes in part, "Contrary to Holocaust Mythology there was no attempt by Nazis, or anyone else, to exterminate the Jews.”

15. Mr Irving himself argued that the Holocaust involved a "considerable exaggeration in scale" and that Adolf Hitler actually tried to prevent large scale violence against Jews.

Vancouver Washington - 18 April 1998

16. Mr Irving spoke before a small crowd of about 45 Supporters on the outskirts of Vancouver, Washington.[SEE NOTE 6 AT FOOT OF THIS DOCUMENT] Racist skinheads belonging to the Volksfront, Portland, Oregon's most notorious neo-Nazi group handled security for this event,[7] while official sponsorship of the evening was handled by the Northwest Historical Society. The event was billed[8] as for "members and guests only", was closed to the general public[9] and was publicised through small circulation far-right publications.[10] As with most Irving appearances, the press was strictly forbidden.



Notes on this lamentably inaccurate statement sworn by an official of the salivating Coalition for Human Dignity

1. Mr Irving has never had any contact with a Michael Clinton, or with those identified as Heick, Mowdy, Stenzel, Schmidt, Badynski, Downy, or Hagen, nor do their names figure on any of his address lists.

2. On the newspaper evidence [Oregonian, October 11, 1994 | Willamette Week, October 12, 1994] the skinheads were violent members of the mob provided by Mozzochi’s "Coalition for Human Dignity", himself listed in police records as a skinhead gang-member, to intimidate the arriving members of the audience. The lecture's organiser, who invited Mr Irving, was Dr Helmut Becker, CPA, CMA, professor of accounting at the School of Business Administration at the University of Oregon.

3. Mr Irving continued that the real crime was innocenticide, the killing of innocent people, regardless of whether they were Jewish, or German, or Japanese or anything else.

4. The photographs of the audiences at these functions show them to be comprised of intelligent, middle-class, respectable students and citizens. The jackbooted neo-Nazi characters hinted at by Mozzochi belong in the realm of a paranoid dream-world peopled by himself, Deborah Lipstadt and her lawyers.

5. For evidence of Mozzochi's paranoia see one article shown to us.

6. The organiser of this Vancouver function states to us: "The audience in the school library was 53."

7. The same organiser states to us: "Mozzochi is wrong again. (a) He was not there. (b) I have no evidence that anyone was a member of the alleged organization."

8. The same organiser states to us: "(a) The meeting was not billed at all -- as he testifies in sworn affidavit. (b) There were no billboards nor posters. (c) All invitations were by mail and telephone. (d) The invitations did not restrict the attendance to members only."

9. The same organiser states to us: "The meeting, held at a public school, was open to the public by law."

10. The same organiser states to us: "I am not familiar with any of the alleged publications, and do not know if they publicized the meeting. I did not inform any so-called 'small circulation far-right publications' as I do not know of any."

11. The same organiser states to us: " Wrong again. Not only was the meeting entirely open to the public, as required by law, but the press was invited. They failed to appear."

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