A correspondent send us this comment on that June 28, 1943 letter (Sunday, June 4, 2000):

There's another thing about this letter that is out of place. I have had the opportunity to look at a few hundred Auschwitz documents. The "Re" line or "Bezug" is marked "ohne". This is rare. Sometimes you will find a top down communication marked "keine", but not "ohne".

That makes a certain amount of sense for a superior who just wants to pass on some decree or info to his subordinates. But in this case we have a subordinate, Bischoff, apparently writing to the head of the construction office of the SS, Kammler, -- with no reference. That would mean that not only was there an unconventional word usage ("ohne") but also that the letter was completely uncalled for.

That doesn't make sense.

By the way, note that in his expert report Van Pelt quotes "keine" in the Bezug line for his Report, but in the copy I am looking at right now it says "ohne"!