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Letter to American Historian,
Professor Christopher Browning

Christopher R Browning
Professor of History
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma WA 98402 USA


London, August 4, 1997

Dear Dr Browning,[1]
I wrote you this letter a few weeks ago c/o Cambridge University Historical Journal, and apologise if you already received it. I have just noticed that you once published a reply to Martin Broszat's review in the Institut für Zeitgeschichte journal VfZ, 1977, of my book Hitler's War. As you can imagine I was not too pleased by Broszat's review, and he refused me permission to publish my own response which I thought was rather shabby (for example: he accused me of manipulating translations of the Tischgespräche, without realising that what I had used were the original Bormann-Vermerke, provided to me by François Genoud).

Could I ask you for a copy of your response, which appears to have been published in the January 1981 VfZ? I would happily pay copying costs, or perhaps you would accept in response a copy of my published German transcription (and annotation) of the entire 1938 Goebbels diary.


Yours faithfully,
David Irving



[He did not reply]

Further notes:

  1. Browning, a leading academic historian, is the author of several books on Hitler and the Third Reich, and on the Final Solution, which have not however enjoyed the commercial success or critical acclaim of David Irving's works.

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