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A Reader Comments on Richard "Skunky" Evans's masterpiece 'The Coming of the Third Reich' (Penguin Ltd), September 2007
Photo: Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans, right, the well-rewarded Third Reich "expert" who did not even know who Albert Speer was

From a review of the book on H-Net by David C. Large, Montana State University, entitled "A Long Trek to the Third Reich":

Stinktier"ONE has to wonder whether even the most curious general reader will be willing to accompany Evans (right) on his long trek through modern German history knowing that what awaits him is not just a literary mountain but a veritable mountain range. Our prospective traveler would be well advised, however, to lace up his most durable walking shoes and set off on this journey, which will be full of valuable information and insights -- if not necessarily packed with high excitement." [italics in the original]

And again:

"There is nothing new in any of this, but of course originality is not what we should demand of a synthetic work for general readers."

And a few tasty tidbits:

". . . well-trod . . . the curious general reader will feel let down . . . the treatment here could have been enlivened . . . at the risk of harping too insistently on the problem of bloodless prose . . . could have enlivened this narrative . . ."


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