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David Irving supplies to his barrister recently retrieved extracts from the transcript of the 1924 Hitler Trial, for the appeal:

 June 8, 2001

 THIS concerns "Police-Officer Hofmann". I attach a raw, uncorrected Xerox print-out of the materials recovered from my 1980 8-inch Xerox discs. I have made no attempt to correct the print-out anomalies (e.g. in the recovery process all diacriticials, characters with umlauts etc., have been lost). The first page makes plain the problems that a "scholar" like Evans, who works by preference from printed library books, willingly overlooks -- the sheer scale of paperwork involved in research into an item that eventually became just 2 or 3 pages of Göring; 52+55 pages (17,436 + 17,169 words!) copy-typed by me from a dim microfilm-reader screen in a foreign language, German.

"Extracts from National Archives microfilms T84, rolls 1 and 2 and 3: transcript of the Hitler Trial, Feb 26, 1924
PROVENANCE: Amtsgericht München (?), NA Record Group
1048, Records of Adjutant General. The film is 2,916 pages
long. The trial ran from 26. February to 1.April 1924. "Haupt-
verhandlung gegen Hitler und Gen. wegen Hochverrats."

I sent the original 8 inch Xerox floppies to the conversion firm Downloading Ltd (of Ealing) in November 1999; after many reminders from me, they supplied the disc to me on my return from USA this April [2001]. The top page is the burned-in data on the disc supplied to me which identifies it as having been created (by Downloading Ltd) on April 25 this year.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving .