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Mr Irving asks the defendants' solicitors to provide proper details of the Müller document




London, February 4, 2000


Dear Sirs,

DJC Irving v Penguin Books Ltd & Prof. Lipstadt

I would like to have a copy of the complete diary of Dr Kremer, the Auschwitz doctor, for purposes of cross-examination. The Wiener Library who hold probably the only copy in the U.K. have refused in writing to assist me. Can I invite your firms to use your good offices to persuade the library to provide a copy of this item, at my expense, as rapidly as possible. I do not really wish to issue a sub poena against the library.

2. I propose to take up with your witnesses the question of the authenticity of the document from Müller, dated August 1, 1941. To do so I need to know more about its provenance, other than the mere Institut für Zeitgeschichte file number which Professor Evans has provided. Will you or he please ask the source-institute where the original &emdash; rather than the stencil-duplicator version shown to me &emdash; is located, so that I can go behind this document?

3. In both instances, you will appreciate that time is an issue. I will not object to any further examination that you may deem to be necessary of witnesses on either document.

Yours faithfully,

David Irving


Davenport Lyons
• attention: Mr Mark Bateman •
1 Old Burlington Street


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