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David Hebden suggests that the artist Olère really was at Auschwitz; Sunday, October 10, 2004

David Olere's drawing

Note by this website: Olère seems to think that the rooms identified as "gas chambers" and the crematory furnaces, left, were on the same level. They were not. A curious error fore an "eye witness".

David Olère was at Auschwitz

IT CAN be said with near certainty that David Olère was at Auschwitz. There is a record of his deportation in a transport which arrived in Auschwitz on March 4, 1943. (See this link and search for David Oler.)

Mr. Olère's camp number is said to have been 106,144 which fits with his arrival on that date. Only 119 of the one thousand deported with that transport were registered in Auschwitz. The fate of the others remains unknown.

It's interesting that the birth date of Oler/Olère reads January 19, 1890, whereas other references give the same day but the year as 1902. Not that lying to the SS would be especially reprehensible.

What, in our opinion, can be legitimately queried is whether the relevant drawings of Mr. Olère signed and dated 1945, 1946 or 1947, were actually created contemporaneously.

You write that the pictures were "evidently produced for a lucrative and prurient market in France and Israel in the first years after the war".

However, Professor Robert Jan van Pelt in The Case For Auschwitz states that Mr. Olère's artwork was publicly unknown until first exhibited in 1976, though, if memory serves, some were in circulation during the 1960s. It would be useful to know the earliest date that the pictures' existence could be confirmed.

David Hebden


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