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RLM spots more errors in the Olère sketches of Auschwitz, Saturday, October 16, 2004


David Olère's drawings of Auschwitz (3)

I TOO had noticed inconsistencies in Olère's portrayal of the SS guards uniforms, as had a previous letter writer. But, I am not sure if Frank Lowe is completely correct in saying only German SS men were allowed to wear the SS runes on their collar tabs:

I believe the French division of the SS did wear these and I have seen pictures of members of the SS Muslim Croatian Handschar Division wearing SS rune collar tabs, along with members of the Latvian SS division doing the same.

I did notice a glaring error in Olère's comic strip panels: the SS wore the eagle-and-swastika patch on the upper left sleeves of their uniforms and not on the right breast as Olère drew them. Normally, only the Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht and Kreigsmarine wore a similar patch on the right breast.

Olère appears to be mixing and matching the uniforms of the Third Reich -- so much for accuracy. Perhaps other readers will notice more of Mr. Olère's errors.

R L M [name known to us]




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