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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Oskar Feder offers three further examples of "Auschwitz survivor" Olère's pictures of life at the camp, Tuesday, October 12, 2004


More David Olère kitsch from his alleged stay at Auschwitz

Auschwitz doctorHERE are three more of David Olère's pictures [1] [2] [3] found on the internet, which very obviously betray a kind of comic-book sleaziness.

The majority of Olère's works on the net however show different motives, but still hold on to the comic-book style, as can be seen in the third one I have added. They seem pretty embarrassing to me, and it is hard to believe that all these creators of Holocaust-Memorial-Pages that feature them fail to recognize their kitschyness. So it's concentration-Camp, is it?

Oskar Feder


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David Irving

David Irving comments

YES indeed. A photo opportunity gone wrong. Study of the photo, prompted by this letter, suggests that these evidently well-fed children are not being led "to the gas chambers" at all, as the caption suggests.

They are being liberated. Followed by elderly inmates, some are already wearing the camp-issue striped uniforms, i.e., they have not stepped straight out of the train; and what appears to be a nurse is carrying an infant of an age that suggests it was actually born within the camp confines.

As for the wire fences, between which this pitiable column fortuitously marches towards the equally well-placed camera, the juice has evidently been switched off?

It is strongly reminiscent of the "children being liberated from Buchenwald" photo which we posted on this website a few weeks ago (below).

It all shows how dreadfully thin the evidence in support of the popular legends of history sometimes really is.

 children liberated fro Buchenwald

Photo above: Children being liberated from Buchenwald

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