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Posted Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Mr Irving challenges Louise Brittain of Baker Tilly, official Trustee appointed to seize Mr Irving's estate, to confirm that as promised nothing has been sold without his being given due notice

London, February 18, 2004

Dear Madam

Re: Estate of David Irving 2002, LMB/GPA/ACD/7DCIRV

In your letter of February 6 received today, you stated that you enclosed an inventory of my books and papers; it was not however enclosed.

2. You state that you do not recall providing us with a written undertaking not to sell items of our estate without giving us two weeks notice. I attach a copy of a letter from your solicitors DLA dated February 3, 2003 giving this under-taking, no doubt on your behalf:

"… we confirmed [in a fax to my then solicitors Amhurst, Brown, Colombotti dated June 24, 2002 that] the trustee would not dispose of any items she had removed from the Property without giving Mr Irving 14 days notice. No such items have been disposed of."

Kindly confirm that this is still the position: that you will give notice, and that no such items have been disposed of (other than those seemingly stolen by your expert valuer).

Yours sincerely,

David Irving


Baker Tilly
• attn: Louise Brittain •
12 Gleneagles Court
Brighton Road
Sussex RH10 6AD

[As of Friday, April 9, 2004 no reply has been received to this letter. See however Louise Brittain's witness statement, April 1, 2004.and Mr Irving's draft response.]

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