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Updated Sunday, May 16, 2004

Louise Brittain: bankruptcy specialist (100%) It takes a steely nerve, self-confidence and bags of common sense to become one of the country's most respected - and feared - bankruptcy specialists. Which is why Louise Brittain carries out some of the biggest and most high-profile bankruptcy cases.Accountancy Age [31-05-2002]

Baker Tilly takes on revisionist historian (26%) Baker Tilly's partner Louise Brittain was this week named trustee in bankruptcy for the notorious revisionist historian David Irving. Accountancy Age [07-03-2002]

Aircraft site grounded by debts (21%) Louise Brittain of Baker Tilly has been appointed joint liquidator of, a company partly owned by Richard Noble, the man behind the world's first supersonic land speed record breaking car. Accountancy Age [19-09-2002]

Sixties popstar faces top insolvency expert (10%) Baker Tilly partner Louise Brittain was expected to be appointed trustee in bankruptcy to 60s pop star and entrepreneur Adam Faith. Accountancy Age [08-11-2002]

Brittain 'aint misbehaving (9%) The prospect of a potential meeting between Christine Hamilton and leading bankruptcy expert Louise Brittain seems to have made the Insolvency Lawyers' Association rather nervous. Accountancy Age [22-05-2003]

Trustee chosen for Hamilton bankruptcy (9%) Baker Tilly partner Louise Brittain is this week preparing to meet with disgraced Tory MP Neil Hamilton after being appointed trustee in bankruptcy by his creditors. Accountancy Age [25-06-2001]

Fizz runs out of Bucks (8%) Baker Tilly bankruptcy specialist Louise Brittain has today been appointed trustee for former Bucks Fizz band member David Van Day who declared himself bankrupt last month. Accountancy Age [05-09-2002]

Tales of irony (7%) The world of insolvency seems to be full of ironies these days. First, Chris Eubank was going into, and then out of, bankruptcy. Then Christine Hamilton was booked to speak at an insolvency lawyers' event where her feisty trustee in bankruptcy Louise Brittain was also a guest. Accountancy Age [19-09-2003]

Meet the wolf at the door (6%) Louise Brittain, the redoubtable bankruptcy specialist at Baker Tilly, may finally have met her match. But who could see off the woman who once caused worries for Mike Tyson when it was rumoured the Inland Revenue might appoint her to his case after his bankruptcy? Accountancy Age [05-02-2004]

Revenue hits Tyson with sucker punch (6%) Boxing can be a risky sport, financially as well as physically. As Chris Eubank discovered last month, you may first become a celebrity and earn loads of dosh but later, the size of your paycheck shrinks and if you don't modify your spending habits, you land yourself in trouble with the likes of Louise Brittain snapping at your heels. Accountancy Age [14-08-2003]

Appointment at Baker Tilly. (4%) Accountancy Age [21-02-2001]

Hamilton in fresh row (4%) The war between disgraced ex-MP Neil Hamilton and his trustee in bankruptcy has escalated as attempts are made to sell his house by September. Accountancy Age [29-08-2002]

Aitken settles terms with creditors (4%) Mid-tier firm Baker Tilly has reached an agreement with Jonathan Aitken's creditors which would formally release the disgraced former cabinet minister from bankruptcy. Accountancy Age [30-10-2001]

Both feet in the grave (3%) It may be true that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes - but it is rare you will find a business willing to tackle both. Accountancy Age [02-04-2004]

Haig shows no comic turnaround (3%) Colin Haig may be gifted at pulling companies out of trouble, but when it comes to telling jokes, the former IPA chief is not exactly stand-up comic material. Accountancy Age [11-09-2003]

Eubank and the curse of the cufflinks (3%) It's ironic how sometimes things go full circle. And TS has heard one eerie story starring none other than the monocled, jodper-wearing former middleweight boxing champ Chris Eubank.Accountancy Age [10-07-2003]

Response to proposals that 'honest' bankrupts can go back into business after six months (2%) The point of bankruptcy is to recognise the debt to creditors and make arrangements to pay them. Otherwise, the process is pointless. If bankruptcy proceedings degenerate to saying sorry, guv, and then back to business as usual, we are in danger of creating systemic bankruptcy and opening the floodgates for fraud. Accountancy Age [10-04-2000]

Hamilton's house dispute ends (2%) Long-running battle between bankruptcy trustee and the Hamiltons ends with sale of their £1.25m mansion. Neil Hamilton's trustee in bankruptcy has obtained the full asking price for the former Tory MP's mansion, and is awaiting the end of a survey on the property to complete the sale. Accountancy Age [20-03-2003]

Disgraced: Baker Tilly to handle 'cash for questions' ex-MP Neil Hamilton ( 2%) Accountancy Age [04-07-2001]

Creditors worried over Hamilton case (2%) Concerns have emerged among the creditors of disgraced former MP Neil Hamilton after he pledged to donate any money he won from an impending libel trial to charity. Accountancy Age [04-09-2001]

Battle of Brittain and Christine (2%) Christine Hamilton is well known for being ubiquitous. But you would think the last place the wife of bankrupt former politician Neil Hamilton would want to be is in a room full of insolvency practitioners. Accountancy Age [01-05-2003]

Fears surface over personal insolvency surge (2%) The government insolvency service will not have enough bankruptcy specialists to cope with the surge in personal insolvency cases likely to take place when the Enterprise Act comes into force, experts have warned. Accountancy Age [14-11-2002]

Byers' bankruptcy plans risk fraud (2%) Bankruptcy experts have warned that government proposals to lift the 'stigma' of bankruptcy and hand honest failures a second chance at business would 'open the floodgates for fraud'.Accountancy Age [11-04-2000]

Enterprise Bill will lead to rise in bankruptcies ( 2%) A leading bankruptcy expert has slammed the Enterprise Bill as 'dangerous' claiming the personal insolvency measures will lead to a dramatic rise in bankruptcies and create an impoverished and irresponsible sub-class. Accountancy Age [08-05-2002]

Bankruptcy plans labelled 'ridiculous' (2%) Insolvency experts brand plans to save bankrupts' family homes as 'ridiculous and unworkable'. Accountancy Age [07-06-2002]

Time to get personal (2%) The government's insolvency figures published last week show a steady and worrying rise in the number of people declaring bankruptcy. Accountancy Age [13-02-2003]

Mayo and ex-envoy to judge Accountancy Age Awards (2%) The judging panel for this year's Accountancy Age Awards has been finalised - with leading finance directors, senior partners, regulators and government officials among the high-profile members of the panel. Accountancy Age [08-08-2002]

Profile: Colin Haig - Glad to be an ex-president ( 1%) Colin Haig, outgoing president of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, describes himself as just a 'regular guy'. But as you dig deeper into his career you realise that is not quite the case. Accountancy Age [03-04-2003]

Judging panel for the 2002 Accountancy Age Awards for Excellence (1%) This year saw the

Accountancy Age Awards for Excellence put together one of the strongest judging panels in its history. It includes some of the most respected and controversial names in practice, business and regulations.

The awards shortlist for the awards is also one of the most impressive yet seen and features some of the most talked about and respected figures in their sectors.Read on to see who made the decisions this year. Accountancy Age [14-09-2002]

Andersen chief head Top 50 poll (1%) Joe Berardino, Andersen CEO, takes the top spot in this year's Accountancy Age Top 50 most influential list, a collection which this year includes a number of insolveny experts and some tough enforcers. Accountancy Age [02-01-2001]

Andersen chief head Top 50 poll (1%) Joe Berardino, Andersen CEO, takes the top spot in this year's Accountancy Age Top 50 most influential list, a collection which this year includes a number of insolveny experts and some tough enforcers. Accountancy Age [01-01-2001]

Andersen chief tops accountancy poll (1%) Joe Berardino, Andersen CEO, takes the top spot in this year's Accountancy Age Top 50 most influential list, a collection which this year includes a number of insolveny experts and some tough enforcers. Accountancy Age [09-01-2002]

Financial Power List 2003 (1%) Following a tumultous year for the financial world, Accountancy Age identifies the 50 people who will dominate headlines this year. Accountancy Age [16-01-2003]

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