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Jeremy Crawford draws obvious conclusions from the failures of the "eye witnesses" in the Tube shoot-to-kill case, Wednesday, August 24, 2005



How good are eye-witnesses?

I NOTE with interest the deconstruction of 'eye witnesses' in the Jean Charles de Menezes saga. In particular:

  • "Witnesses' recollection of every aspect of an incident can be contaminated by what they hear from other people" and
  • "Memories are very vulnerable to error. If you witness a crime and then read a local news report everything can be combined in your memory at a later date"

Why is it that we are quite happy to question independent eye witnesses (who have no interest in lying), and demand a full inquiry into the death of just one man, while on the other hand, we blindly accept the murder of six million Jews by mostly by gas on the basis of some ASSHOL's testimony.

J.Edmund Crawford


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