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Albert Doyle asks, Tuesday, May 3, 2005, about an "Auschwitz survivor" who seems suspiciously naive



Ever heard of this Auschwitz "survivor" before?

The May 2005 National Geographic magazine contains a feature article on famous poisons, one of which is said to be Zyklon B. It is based on a Polish "eyewiness" from Auschwitz, the now 89 year old Stefan Polchlopek. No one seems to have heard of him before.

The material in the article is extremely fishy. He was said to have been sent to Auschwitz, a 26 year old law graduate as an "active member of the resistance." (I thought they were shot out of hand?) He recounts that he was put to work extending the rail lines right up to the gas chambers in 1943 and when assigned to a clothing gathering detail feared that he was next into the chambers and so "ran back to the barracks." Sloppy guards I guess.

Lots of other dubious stories; the smell of burned corpses, black smoke pouring out of chimneys; "Everyone knew about the chambers" (except apparently the Polish resistance in London which never mentioned them and Elie Wiesel who was in the camp and neglected to mention them in his famous book, and . . . oh, never mind!); 8,000 a day gassed; and "I remember the showerheads."

Did anybody ever hear of this guy before?

Albert Doyle


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