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Thomas Dunskus of France has spotted three more irregularities in the writings of Auschwitz architect Kurt Bischoff, Monday, February 17, 2003



The Bischoff letter: more flaws

ON page 210 of his book, Professor Robert van Pelt publishes part of a letter, supposedly written by Bischoff to his superior, Hans Kammler, in Berlin announcing the operationability of Krema II at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

What is surprising is that in such a relatively important letter and in the small segment shown, there are 3 spelling errors:

  • Nachbetrieb instead of Nachtbetrieb
  • funtionieren instead of funktionieren
  • Die instead of Dies

The other surprising thing about this letter is that its date, 29 January 1943, is the same as that of the Tomitschek/Swoboda note on the electricals for Krema II.

Bischoff states in his letter that the ovens were started up and performed well; on the other hand the Tomitschek/Swoboda note states that the electricals needed another two weeks to be connected , one wonders how the ovens worked without the blowers for the forced draft.

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Irving David Irving replies:


I HAVE always maintained that the Bischoff letter is a forgery, and it has recently been emphasised that even Jean Claude Pressac, the arch-enemy of the revisionists, came to this conclusion. Mr Justice Gray was however persuaded that the letter was genuine. He had no choice, if he was to uphold his deeply perverse Judgment against me. in my libel action against Lipstadt.
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