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Manfred Johannes ponders (Friday, May 2, 2003) on recently released list of insured "Holocaust victims" who got no pay-out



Those insured names: how many were even Jewish?

I perused the list on Wednesday at the following address: http://www.icheic.org/.

I was surprised to find 285 entries of the surname "Berg" - and also the Christian names "Helmut" Berg - could possibly be the brother of my mother, who never returned from Russia ('verschollen'), as well as the name "Ursula" Berg, who could be the sister of my mother, and who is still alive in Germany - Hildesheim. My mother's name "Hanna" does not appear, however, there is a "Wilhelmine" Berg listed. My mother's second name was Wilhelmine. As far as my knowledge goes my mother's family was not Jewish.


Manfred Johannes
Chief Consultant (Mechanised NDT)


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