Posted Friday, March 12, 2004

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Bob Johnson and Juliusz Jablecki ask questions about entries in the Goebbels diaries, used by conformist historians writing about the Holocaust


Goebbels diary on the Jews

I BOUGHT your book on Dr. Goebbels and you were kind enough to sign it for me. I have been posting to a Deist group on Yahoo concerning the "holocaust." Someone posted the below quote that is said to be from Dr. Goebbels diary. It was taken from the web site Are these quotes true and, if so, is the meaning that nizkor attaches to it accurate?

Bob Johnson

P.S.: There's a lot of material on - transcriptions of original documents etc. has quotes such as the following (from Goebbel's diary):

"February 14, 1942: The Führer once again expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.

March 27, 1942: The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more definitely. Not much will remain of the Jews. On the whole it can be said that about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated whereas only 40 per cent can be used for forced labor."

click to enlargeThe same page also has some quotes from Hitler's public speeches, e.g. on January 30, 1939 (right), in front of the Reichstag

"Today I want to be a prophet once more: if international finance Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed once more in plunging nations into another world war, the consequence will not be the Bolshevation of the earth and thereby the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

The last phrase Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa does not leave room for interpretation.

Juliusz Jablecki



Our dossier on Auschwitz
Our dossier on Dr Goebbels
File on the Goebbels diary, March 27, 1942


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David Irving comments:


I HAVE recently posted an extensive item on Goebbels's entry for March 27, 1942. There are of course very many references to the Jews in his diary, but certain things have to be borne in mind:

  1. after July 1941 he no longer hand-wrote his diary, but dictated it to a third person, his secretary, a civil servant, Dr Richard Otte (whom I interviewed in the 1960s);
  2. entries in the Goebbels diary incriminate him, but not necessarily third parties (that is an obvious evidence-argument);
  3. taken all together, and in conjunction with other files of his propaganda ministry, Goebbels's diaries leave the impression that he occasionally takes certain ideas to Hitler, (e.g. in August 1941 the Yellow Star to be worn by Jews), and sometimes persuades him, and sometimes doesn't;
  4. entries showing Hitler himself taking an initiative, which Goebbels receives and acts upon, are few and far between. Goebbels is almost always the motivating force. That being so, we must take his occasional references to Hitler "enthusiastically" supporting his ideas cum grano salis.

You have to get the feel of the diaries, and the way their writer uses them as much to conceal some things as to record others.

For example: In my introduction to the 1938 diaries (posted as a pdf  or download as .sit, 150k), which I transcribed in their entirety, I draw attention to the fact that the name or person of Lida Baarova, the mistress whose relationship with him brought him to the verge of suicide that year, is not mentioned; but the oblique references are plain enough for the expert. These are conclusions which can only fairly be arrived at by somebody who has read, and reread, the entire diaries. I have.

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