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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Tuesday, July 15, 2003



What happened to Polish Jews in the Soviet Union after 1940?


Reader Frank Lowe Jr has reviewed Professor Christopher Browning's February 8, 2000 testimony in the Lipstadt Trial and found interesting numbers for the Polish Jewish population.

THREE hundred thousand Polish Jews did flee to the Soviet Union in 1939, but many may have returned because of the inhumane treatment that they witnessed there and decided that Nazi rule was better than the Communist "utopia" (Black Book Of Communism).

According to Neumann's Behemoth, there were 3,345,000 in Poland in 1940 according to his source the Jewish Yearbook of 1940.

Jacques Pat, a Jewish labor organizer in the United States in the 1940s, went to Poland in July 1945 and interviewed the Polish Jews who were released from the Soviet camps at the end of the war.

Estimates are now that between 550,000 and 900,000 Polish Jews (Pat: 550,000, and Louis Rapoport: 900,000) were "evacuated" to the Soviet camps between February of 1940 and June of 1941. Pat put the deaths in the Soviet camps at 450,000 based on "eyewitness" accounts and Rapoport says that by 1943 the American Joint Distribution Committee knew that most had died in the Soviet gulags.

I found another website celebrating the 1,500,000 Polish and Allied Jews in combat and "partisan" units that served during WW2, of which 200,000 were Polish and Jewish. Apparently seven hundred of the Polish officers buried at Katyn were Jewish also from what I understand.

Another website mentions a Polish doctor who administer the injection that caused the Poles to test falsely "positive" for typhus; some university film major is trying to raise money to make a documentary on his life. He's pushing ninety, and time is running out I think. He apparently administered the shot in eight Polish provinces or towns, from what I remember.

Frank Lowe Jr.


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