Posted Friday, March 19, 2004

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Frank Lowe Jr comments, Friday, March 19, 2004, on Dr Christopher Browning's interview about his new book on the Final Solution


Browning's theories, not substance

LOOKS like Chris Browning is really a philosophy professor from the interview I just read.

Was Hitler really that close to Himmler, and what documentation is there for any of this interview and all these philosophical/spiritual ramblings? Does Browning really think anyone but a college kid is going to buy these unsubstantiated theories with no chronological timeline?

Does this guy really know anything concrete? And what's with the "extermination order" on August 15, 1941. I've just turned up documents on Vad Yashem which say that the Nazis were more interested in Jewish slave labor than the so-called genocide at this point, and mentions nothing of starving anyone to death, quite the contrary.

This looks more like "historical theory" than truth and a more philosophical based than anything I've seen so far. Looks like Chris thinks that Raiders of the Lost Ark was a historical piece.

Does he really think this will float? Looks like one big guess?

At least he finally mentioned the typhus epidemic, which he left completely out of his last book on the Janowska camp, which is extensively documented in Janowska camp survivor and Jewish physician, Dr. Samuel Drix's book, Witness to Annihilation.

Frank Lowe Jr


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THE daughter in law of Generalmajor Georg Thomas (Chef des Wehrwirtschaftsführungsstabs), Jutta Thomas, worked for me for twenty years as a secretary in London before she told me who her Schwiegervater was. The name Thomas did not ring a bell!

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