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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Tuesday, Tuesday, July 29, 2003



The 1944 Letter from Poland to Attlee about Auschwitz


Reader Frank Lowe Jr has reviewed The 1944 Letter from Poland to Attlee about Auschwitz and makes these observations

According to this letter, the whole Jewish population of Poland was dead by January of 1944 -- if indeed 2.5 million Polish Jews were dead by the time of this letter.

Another example of the outrageous "statistics" that the Poles were noted for during the war, i.e., like the 600,000 dead at Auschwitz by November of 1942 according to the Polish underground. Strange that [Auschwitz commandant] Rudolf Höss ordered only 108,000 bodies exhumed at the same time after the massive fish kill at Rajsko?

In fact, 2.5 million is the same number that Mr. Hoess gave in 1946 for the dead at Auschwitz and this helps to explain exactly where he got such a number. Since only 248,000 Jews had been sent to Auschwitz by the end of 1944 and before "selection" (according to Danuta Czech in the [concocted] Auschwitz Kalendarium), then it is reasonable to suppose that Höss' figure of 2.5 million was supplied by his Polish and Russian captors.

The fact that Höss did not stay at Auschwitz after December 1, 1943 [Website note: he was replaced by Liebehenschel, whose daughter lives in California], makes his "testimony" that much more interesting.

Czech's research has only 448,000 Jews going into the camp during the war, after the Polish underground "corrects" the 300,000 to 400,000 from Hungary down to 180,000 with 160,000 still in the camp by the end of the "Aktion".

That is a far cry from the Soviets' 4.15 million killed at Auschwitz by "electrocution" (as the Soviets said in February of 1945 when they published the original reports on Auschwitz in Pravda.) Apparently, that's the same method of "extermination" that appears in the Soviet Black Book of the Holocaust for the deaths at Belzec. Where did the "gas chambers" go?

The figure 2.5 million is the same that Israeli novelist Leon Uris came up with in Exodus as the number of Jews killed by the Polish prisoner-doctor Dehring and it was the figure that led to his court trial in England.

Anatomy of a fairy tale?

Frank Lowe Jr.


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David Irving, July 2003David Irving comments:

DR DERING (that was his real name) sued my publisher William Kimber and his author Leon Uris in the London High Court for alleging that he was a brutal Auschwitz doctor; he won the libel action, but was awarded the smallest coin of the realm, one halfpenny, by the jury.

Uris had written the novel Exodus, and made a number of monstrous claims about operations performed without anesthetic by "Dehring", unaware that not only was there a real Dr Dering, who had been interned at Auschwitz, and forced to work in the camp hospital, but that he was alive and well, and living in Ealing, West London. When I first came into Kimber's stable as an author in 1961, he was literally knee-deep in the disgusting files he had been obliged to read about the goings-on at Auschwitz. He wanly advised me, "Never ever get involved in a libel action, dear boy."

Because he and Uris had paid a small sum of money into court, under the rules of the game Dering, although the victor, was ordered to pay the costs. He beat the lawyers at their own game, by dying first, leaving Kimber stiffed with the entire financial burden.


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