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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Saturday, December 28, 2002



More on Prof. Vrba

VERY interesting that Mr. Vrba was in the gas chambers and "crematoria" in December of 1942 at Auschwitz/Birkenau [Testimony]

According to Israel Gutman in the Anatomy of a Death Camp, the construction of the first crematoria at Auschwitz/Birkenau was idle the whole month of December of 1942 because of a revolt of the contract labor building the crematoriums and "gas chambers".

This came after one of the contract laborers took typhus into the town of Auschwitz and the Gestapo and the medical authorities tried to enforce a three-week quarantine (the standard infection/incubation time for typhus) on the laborers within the camps without success. The workers refused to abide by the quarantine and fled the camp to spend Christmas with their families and delayed the completion of the crematoria until the spring of 1943.

Is anyone really sure that this guy [Vrba] was ever in Auschwitz? If the Nazis gassed Jews as soon as they got to the camp, how did he "survive" so long?

This "chronological impossibility" affects the "testimony" of SS doctor Johann Kremer in his testimony in 1964. According to him, he saw corpses leave the "little red farmhouse" in September of 1942 and be taken to crematoriums that didn't exist.

That Kremer left Auschwitz in November of 1943 complicates the problem all that much more. It indicates that his "testimony" is chronologically impossible too. Why would the Nazis dig up the bodies that caused the massive fish kill in October of 1942 if they had already burned the bodies? Obviously, even the evil Nazis couldn't get their stories straight either.

Obviously another play on the ignorance of the readers of the story.

Frank Lowe Jr.


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Reader David Hebden points out (Dec 30, 2002):

Mr Vrba's trip inside the gas chamber allegedly occurred in the old crematorium (the so-called Krema I) in Auschwitz I in Nov 1942. What was happening at the under-construction crematoria in Auschwitz II (Birkenau) during Dec 1942 is irrelevant.

Incidentally, Mr. Johann Kremer left Auschwitz in November 1942, not 1943.


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