Posted Friday, June 3, 2005

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Sarah O. a sixth grader asks questions about the Jewish tragedy in WW2, Friday, June 3, 2005, and Mr Irving does her homework for her by providing full answers



Answers to a Sixth Grader on the Big H

I AM a Sixth Grader and I am doing a report on Holocaust Denial and I would like to know if you would mind taking this interview for me. I need this interview for a school assignment due on June 6, 2005.

Sarah O.

1. When did you become interested in the whole controversy of whether or not the Holocaust ever occurred in history and Why?

I HAVE no interest whatever in the commercial package now marketed as The Holocaust. I find it boring. When a Holocaust programme comes on television, I switch to a different channel or I am careful to go out. If Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight D Eisenhower and others could write entire histories about World War II without referring in one line to "The Holocaust" then why should I pay any attention to this post-1970 money-making media invention?

Did this have a big impact on any part of your life or the way you thought of World War II before and after and the Holocaust?

Answer: see above response.


3. What really happened during the Holocaust?

LOTS of Jews were killed. In wartime lots of people get killed, -- see Iraq -- sometimes the ones who were guilty for the war, sometimes the innocents. See the air raid on Dresden. That was a holocaust. I am on the side of the innocents.

4. World War II? -- I don't understand your question.

5. What about the Trial, what was that about? -- See below.

6. What do your family and friends think of the Holocaust and World War II? In 8th grade students are required to learn about the Holocaust and Anne Frank's Diary, How will your children deal with this?

6. Don't you find it odd, shameful even, that "In 8th grade students are required to learn about the Holocaust and Anne Frank's Diary"? Doesn't that smack of propaganda? Isn't that like having something rammed down your throat, like it or not? Real History does not require enforcers, or bans, or prohibitions, or web-filters, or punishments.
  Poor little Anne Frank, like "the" Holocaust, has become big business, with two rival business empires fighting each other tooth-and-claw for the right to market Anne Frank T-shirts and memorabilia -- one based in Switzerland, where her mega-wealthy father lived and died, the other in Amsterdam where the house is.  
   The good news is this: I think that children who are required to read Anne Frank's diary are capable of thinking for themselves, and they may well think: This proves David Irving right:

a. Little Anne Frank, her young sister and her father were Jews, and they were actually in Auschwitz, the "factory of death". They were too young to work. But they were not killed. So much for the legends about a programme of 100 percent extermination of the Jews.

b. Her sister Margot died of typhus. This proves David Irving right. Typhus was the biggest killer in the camps.

c. Her father Otto Frank (with whom I corresponded, and who tampered with the famous Diary, writing fake passages in ball point ink) fell ill with typhus. The Nazi doctors took him into the Auschwitz camp hospital and looked after him. So much for the legend that the Nazis killed all Jews who fell sick.

d. Given the choice of leaving with the Nazis or staying to greet the Russians, in January 1945, most of the Auschwitz survivors chose to leave with the Nazis. Anne Frank went to Bergen-Belsen camp, where she died . . . of typhus.

As you will see if you read The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor, which I found and published, at the end of the war all the German pharmaceutical factories had been destroyed by Allied bombing, and even Adolf Hitler could not get the medicines he needed. This may have been part of the cause of the uncontrolled typhus epidemics that raged through the German camps. And how did the epidemics start? An interesting question.


7. Today many public schools invite Holocaust speakers to the school, why do you think they'd do that? if its public why would they encourage the Holocaust existing?

SCHOOLS invite Holocaust speakers -- only those conformists who favour the whole package, of course, not the real historians -- because they are now required to do so, in law. (In New Jersey, USA, when this law was debated, a state senator complained: "The trouble with the revisionists is, they keep coming with facts!")

In Cincinnati a teacher told me privately five years ago that the speaker her school had been obliged to invite claimed to have escaped the gas chambers three times, the last time by clawing her way out through the back of the chamber wall (which was solid concrete) with her bare hands. "We teachers just looked at each other, and did not dare to say a thing," she told me. That's a pity. And what did you make of the "survivor" who just won a multi million dollar settlement from a publisher who disbelieved her story that she had escaped into the forests and been looked after by a pack of wolves, who gave her food to survive? I invented a collective noun for these people, the ASSHOLS -- Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars. Fortunately these "eye witnesses" are dying out, and documents will take over, and the Holocaust legend will have a harder time surviving.


8. Should any of this be taught at school or should saying that the Holocaust existed be stopped. Or how do you feel about all of this?

I THINK schools should concentrate on real history, and not play any part in the Holocaust industry. Children's brains are too important to be polluted and fouled by racial-hatred, which is just what the Holocaust stories are doing: "Hate the Germans, and (more importantly) all they stood for!"

Finally, the Lipstadt trial.

I do not think I can provide much more in initial correspondence than you will find in my website.

First, have a look at the Auschwitz index on my website. You can download all of my books free, and perhaps have a look at the Introduction to my Hitler biography. As for the famous Lipstadt ("Holocaust denial") trial, you will find all you need at these addresses on my website: the "pleadings"; the judgment, or download it direct at this link; the official html version of the judgment was posted, but you will find my print version easier to follow. The daily transcripts are on my website and in my view more important than what the judge -- a possibly panic-stricken legal gentleman trying his first case -- may have determined.

You may find our subsequent appeal pleadings of particular interest. We learned the negative result of our appeal on July 20, 2001; if you have specific questions, and I underline "specific", come back to me by email!


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