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Tasha-Ray E., of Australia, is researching David Irving for an hour's talk at school


One hour studying your theories?

I am a Year 11 Student in Australia, currently taking History class in Germany of 1918 - 1945. We are at present studying the Holocaust, and various historians' views on the subject. But the best news is yet to come: we are going to devote an entire one hour period to studying your theories!

My history teacher thinks that you are an anti-semite and a Holocaust denier - she hates you. But I am a student that is willing to challenge common theories in every subject when sufficient evidence is found. I too wish to discover the truth in history, and I take great interest in your quest for this - I have followed you for almost a year now, and regularly check your website, and I did buy a ticket to see your (at the last minute banned) filmed speech at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival this year.

What I am asking of you is for you to list, or direct me to a place where your main theories and philosophies are (I have searched the site, but seem to find only articles). I myself am going to stand up to their slander of you in class, and defend you, and other historians who delve deeper than the commonly believed stories, and try to make them at least acknowledge your efforts into the world of history. This discussion is to take place this week, so a swift response would be greatly appreciated.

I am glad that there are people in the world who speak openly to challenge the spoon-fed myths.

Tasha-Ray E.

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David Irving, July 2003

David Irving comments:

LET me start off by giving you a few links on my website (and see those above), which has been built precisely for purposes like this.

You will find my views often expressed in answers to reader's letters like yours: go to the Letters Index, and earlier indexes to letters too. On the Holocaust, you will find I set out my views at length in my opening address to the court in the Lipstadt trial (it is rather long, but word-search each of the four parts for things like Bruns, Riga, and the word Holocaust). In eight words: some things happened, and some things did not. You might also read my testimony in the Ernst Zündel trial, 1988, where I was called as an expert witness.

I am sorry that your teacher hates me. I do not believe that I "hate" anybody. Hatred is not a Christian emotion. Large numbers of Jews hate me, if I am to believe what they themselves write in the press. They hate me as Jews. They do not know me, they have never met me, but they engage in corporate thinking, which tells them, as Jews, to hate me (and worse). If I criticise them, as Jews, that is "anti-Semitism." If they as Jews criticise me, that is ... okay? After a time you learn just to shrug and carry on as well as you can, and leave them to their failings and foibles.

Worshipping hatredI have however become interested in the theme of anti-Semitism, since this phenomenon first affected me (and, more importantly, my livelihood) and a couple of years ago I started a dossier on this website on The Origins of anti-Semitism. It has filled very rapidly, particularly with items from Australia, where indecently wealthy Jews appear to wield a very disproportionate influence on the affairs of State -- which was precisely one of the main causes of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Why else did your country really go to war against the innocent people of Iraq?

The dossier is a feeble attempt to answer the question that would puzzle me, if I were a Jew being lined up by Nazi gunmen on the edge of a tank-ditch, with no benevolent intent: "Why us? Why is it that no sooner have we arrived in a country, as a wandering tribe, than we find ourselves so hated and despised that we are forced to escape by whatever routes we can, barely fifty or a hundred years later? Is it us . . . or is it them?"

In short, is there a defect in the human microchip which dictates that people shall not like the Jews as Jews? Answer: Probably not, because in Japan, for example, there is no endemmic anti-Semitism, -- though there does exist a perverse and extreme interest in the Jews as such (who hardly exist in that country).

I shall risk outrage by what I say next: I think that God built into our microchip, into our DNA or wherever these impulses come from, certain stereotype images. I think in my diary of 1987 you will find a passage where I sit in a Jeep on a South African safari, safe from the lions because I "have wheels" and not legs. So I am not food to those lions.

WiesenthalSimilarly, a woman chosen by an African audience as a beauty queen would probably hold no attractions for me, a White man. My microchip does not recognise her as a beauty. It follows that I find, as a non-Jew, some (but not all) Jews to be physically unattractive (and no doubt they, like your teacher, would say the same about me).

One example is the famed Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal (top left); another is Spencer Abraham who is President Bush's Energy Secretary (centre left), who has been in the media a lot recently; yet another is Dr David Cesarani, to whom I perhaps unjustly give the soubriquet "Ratface" on this website (right). Ratface Cesaraniyet another is Abraham Foxman (lower left), the well-fed and wealthy director of the Anti-Defamation League. Their views and expertise may well command the justified respect of others. I am not saying that there is anything else wrong with them, just that I do not find them aesthetically pleasing Spencer Abraham(which is not the same as saying, per your teacher, that I "hate" them). Is it because my human microchip is constructed that way? I think so.

Am I an anti-Semite? The Judge in the Lipstadt Trial said I am, and he also said I am not. Go figure, as they say around these parts.

Now for what else your History teacher says. On the Holocaust, I am not a "denier", whatever that is ("denier" is a manufactured word: like Holocaust -- note the capital H, and even the "the" in front of it, implying that there were no other holocausts in history, despite Dresden in 1945). I am a partial sceptic (or skeptic, as they write it around these parts also). I don't "buy" the whole package: I open it, and chew it, and spit out the bits I find heavy going Abe Foxmanor unacceptable. No way will I swallow it all. The numbers. The methods. The "Hitler order". And much else.

I think that the problem is basically a financial one: in order to make a charge against the present German people stick, and in order thereby to extract billions of dollars in compensation, the Jewish community have to persuade the court of public opoinion that the crime was one committed by Adolf Hitler in their name. If it was just a My-Lai type of massacre (Vietnam), committed by soldiers run amok, then big bucks would not be in the offing. (If the Jews did not want me to say that, they should have stopped their organisations bludgeoning the world for cash, the Great Shakedown, as they have remorselessly since the 1970s). Wiesenthal himself said in that connection (fund raising), "The Holocaust works every time." That kind of remark does not inspire affection.

PS: I expect to be near Australia early next year, speaking, and I shall invite you and everybody else in your country who wants to hear me to come and listen. [register interest]

PPS: ...

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