Action Report


Monday, August 18, 2003

Postscript ...

"Great letter, very thought provoking. I have spent an hour of my morning sitting in the blistering sunshine here in Florida, replying. You will find your letter and my reply on my website -- that is the easiest for you, as all you now have to do is click on the links. I am sorry that I have still left you with a little work to do on your homework. In a few years' time my own girl Jessica will be your age, and I just hope she's as bright as you. At present she is deep into computer and website-building problems. Yesterday she phoned from London, "Daddy, how can I zip a .psp file to put on my website?" I did not have those problems at her age, I was building a wooden go-cart from WW2 junk and old pram wheels. Incidentally, I am very pleased I am not Arron (your email address), I guess he is somebody who has irritated you? Now . . . his freakiness is all over the world. Tee-hee."