Posted Monday, June 13, 2005

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Helene T., an Australian Year 12 student asks questions about the Jewish tragedy in WW2, Monday, June 13, 2005, and about the gypsies



Answers to a Year 12 Student on Gypsies in the Big H

I AM currently a Year 12 student completing my Higher School Certificate in New South Wales, Australia. For my major Extension History assignment I am investigating the role of the Gypsies/Romanies in the Holocaust/Porrajmos.

I am investigating the different responses to the Holocaust, one of them being that of Revisionist Historians, or 'Holocaust deniers.'

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions to help me finish up my assignment.

  1. As, from what I have read, you write about the Holocaust not actually occurring, to believe that this was across the board, not just Jews but also Gypsies?
  2. Do you believe that the Holocaust is just another link in a chain of events where the Gypsies have been persecuted?
  3. In general, do you believe more attention should be given to Gypsies/Romanies, and less to Jews?
  4. What are your thoughts on 'Jewish Exclusivists/Uniqueness' who downplay the persecution of others in the Holocaust?
  5. What are your thoughts on Gypsies being refused compensation from the German government in relation to the Holocaust?
  6. What else to believe about Gypsies and the Holocaust?

Thankyou for your time, hopefully it did not take to long,

Helene Tretheway


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David Irving responds:

FIRST of all, -- and I shall generously ignore the insulting and ignorant tone of several of your questions -- let me emphasize that I am not a Holocaust historian.

I am not a Jew or a German or a Nazi, so I cannot be forced to take an interest in something which I find marginal to main world history, and intensely boring as a subject: a small people has spent the years since 1970, when the Holocaust brand name was created, contemplating its own navel and wailing and whining -- and making vast sums of money out of the undoubted suffering of others.

Millions suffered in WW2, as in all wars -- which is why it is criminal that self-serving politicians like Tony Blair and George Bush and your own John Howard (right) have gone out of their way to promote a war against Iraq, an innocent country.

Has nothing to do with your subject? Perhaps not -- or perhaps it has. How wars begin is also the story of how atrocities begin. The life of an innocent Iraqi is as valuable to me as the life of a gypsy child, or a Jewish infant, or a Dresden child, or any other innocent.

They are all equal in my eyes, and in the eyes of God, and I find immoral, indeed obscene, that one tiny race claims for itself the right to amass a vast monetary profit from the human suffering of others.

As for the gypsies, -- your question: Adolf Hitler, on whom I am something of an expert, clearly ordered that they were not to be liquidated (see Heinrich Himmler's telephone note of April 20, 1942: you won't often see that quoted or reproduced by the conformist historians). Himmler duly passed that order on to Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt. Go figure.

Incidentally, as a family we have nothing against Romanies, in their proper place. My elder brother, John, is chairman of the Wiltshire County Council Race Relations Board, and speaks the Romany language as part of his general expertise. I wonder if Michael Howard, murderer of so many Iraqis, has bothered to learn Arabic? But then, we all know where his money comes from, don't we?


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