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Craig Williams asks Saturday, July 28, 2007 if certain Goebbels diary entries proved that Hitler knew.

Photo right (by Walter Frentz): Hitler and Himmler at the Berghof  

What did Hitler know?

I AM a fan of yours and go to your web site daily, spending hours on end surfing your site I agree with you 100 percent on everything you say concerning the Third Reich and its leaders. I was browsing the web just at random and I came across this site,; it's about Hitler and how it is now undeniable that he knew of the holocaust. Could you take a look at it and give me your opinion? The site makes claims as to several entries into the Goebbels diaries. I know you have researched the Joseph Goebbels diaries; any information you could provide me with will be greatly appreciated

Craig Williams


David Irving answers:

THOSE Goebbels diaries entries are of course only evidence that Goebbels knew, not that Hitler knew. Goebbels had a track record of lying about Hitler in his diaries, for example about Hitler's "approval" of the Reichskristallnacht outrages (Hitler disapproved strongly), etc. In 1977 I offered £1,000 reward for anybody who found a genuine wartime document, proving that Hitler knew about Auschwitz and what is now called the Holocaust. Nobody has come forward with such a document.



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