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Grant Wild has questsions about the gas van stories in the Holocaust, Sunday, March 20, 2005



They admit the gas van photos are not of real gas vans?

HERE [link] we have Mr Jerzy Halbersztadt of the University of Warsaw and US Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC telling Mr Leon Zamosc, Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego and also a founding member of the Holocaust Museum that the photo of the Gas Van of Chelmo we have all seen is false.

  • "Despite of their captions, the photographs do not show the gas van used in the Chelmno death camp," and
  • "In 1945 the prosecutors came to the conclusion that this van was not a gas van of Chelmno," and
  • "The inspection of the van in Ostrowski factory, done on 13 November 13, 1945 by the judge J.Bronowski, did not confirm the existence of any elements of system of gassing of the van's closed platform," and
  • "Thus, there is no reliable graphic illustration of the gas vans used in Chelmno."

However he does say: "I came across a version that this van was used for a disinfection of victims' clothes, but there are no grounds for it." It is a pity he did not quote any source for that last statement.

Grant Wild


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