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Wiking provides, September 14, 2005, samples of Anne Frank's handwriting for readers to ponder on


A look at Anne Frank's handwriting

You mentioned in your reply to a reader on the Anne Frank "diaries", that

"As Professor Robert Faurisson has convincingly displayed, the handwriting is curiously different from postcards known (or claimed by the A.F. industry) to have been written by Anne."

Perhaps it would be good to present the samples Faurisson had in mind. They are particularly damning, for they are dated. The attached facsimile comes from the book by Serge Thion, Vérité historique ou vérité politique?, Paris, 1980, page 297. It's part of an appendix to Faurisson's study "Le Journal d'Anne Frank est-il authentique?"



The above text, dated Jun 1942, is the epigraph to the "Anne Frank Diary"; the text below, dated Oct 1942, is her inscription on the back of a photo. -- Amsterdam, we have a problem.


Our dossier on the Anne Frank diaries
Alasdair Spark contributes his two ha'porth on Anne Frank's controversial use of ballpoint pens in writing her diary


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