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Nicholas Alvarez writes from Chile, July 3, 1998:

Dear Mr Irving,

I am a Chilean, that was so lucky that I could find almost all your books some in Spanish, and other in English, at the moment I am trying to get the last two (Churchill's War and NurembergThe Last Battle.)

I had been living in Europe for a few years, and married with a half English and Swiss lady, and our litlle son born in UK. I really understand some of your position about foreigner and inmigrant in UK. My parents are immigrant (French and Spaniard) and I was born in Tierra del Fuego (we are mainly European people), But my parents adopts almost all the Chilean custom, and they do not try to change the way of living of my country. Now we have some problems becouse some Indian and Koreans are arriving to my beautiful country and they do not want to adopt our way of living.

I was so lucky to get the only copy that arrived to Geneva of Goebbels, and really enjoy it. some of my friends, try to buy it from me, but I refused because I was caming home, and I know that it will be so dificult to get again.

My Family, particularly my brother who does not read english, loves your works: Hitler's War (La Guerra de Hitler), Rommel and Goering, are in spanish, My brother is a communist, but he really loves all your books, and he is alway asking when is coming another in Spanish.

The last time that I was in London I tried to find Focal Point, but I could not. I was interested to buy the two last books, I was very upset, but now I found your address in the Net, and I hope that they could send the books abroad.

Dear Mr Irving I would like to apologize for my English, because it is not very good. But I want to say, please never dismay in your work or crusade, because there are many people like me, that we want to know the other side of the history. Maybe we do not agree with your views, but we always respect the dissident, because not always the majority is right.

Mucho animo, que mucha gente piensa como Ud.

Nicolas Marcel Alvarez Cerda

 David Irving notes:

  Most of my books were published in Spanish by Editorial Paneta of Barcelona; or by their Argentinian subsidiary in Buenos Aires. See booklist. Apocalypse ’45, The Destruction of Dresden, will published in Spanish by a different Barcelona firm. [Fax inquiries to Erik Norling, +00 34 5 258 66 49]. I will be happy to supply whatever other titles I can, direct.

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