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Roy Wells writes from Fleckney, Leicestershire, March 1998

I AM CURRENTLY at odds with the BBC concerning one of their programmes in the War Walks series, which dealt with the Blitz on London. One of the aerial views of the bombing showed, albeit very briefly, a [British] Lancaster bomber in the bottom right hand corner flying over its target, and unless the Luftwaffe used Lancasters I suspect it was a picture of a raid over Dresden or Hamburg. ...

I have written to Germans including the Bundeskanzler and the ambassador, but without success. Nevertheless I still keep trying. I did at least receive the thanks of Dr Gerhard Frey for my efforts to help obtain Wahrheit and Gerechtigkeit for the Germans.

 David Irving replies:

 MANY THANKS for your letter about the BBC faking of bombing footage. Yes, that footage almost certainly came from the familiar raid on Dresden footage (which I first found in 1961). The German raids on London will not have produced anything like that (and they weren't filmed from the air anyway, so far as I know.)

CLICK for a faked photo on German TV of "Jews in trains bound for the gas chambers."
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