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writes from Vancouver, BC, Saturday, October 30, 1999



WHY are the erroneous photo descriptions being removed after 4 years and just one month before the exhibit moves to America?

Exhibit managers were able to display the false descriptions in Germany with it's draconian "controlled speech" laws without fear of being criticized in the media, but they know that in the "free speech" U.S. they would be immediately criticized by historians in the media when the exhibit moves there in December [1999].

The real story here is that Germany's "anti-free-speech laws" are exposed as promoting lies and prohibiting the truth for in Germany the blatantly false exhibit was shown WITHOUT FEAR of criticism for 4 years but if the same exhibit was shown in the U.S. for even one day it would be criticized in the media by historians of all stripes!

John Ball

John Ball is an expert on air photo reconnaissance
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