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Stefan de Batselier writes on Monday, April 16, 2001



More Fake "Auschwitz" Photos used on German TV

Image provided by this website:
Himmler visits Auschwitz, July 1942

Himmler at Auschwitz JUST saw a documentary on the German Phoenix Channel about the 17th of July 1942 and Himmler's visit to Auschwitz.

At one point they show a picture which they say shows murdered Jews at Auschwitz in 1944. Now anybody who has a bit of an interest in these things will have seen that the picture is taken in Kaunas(Kovno) and those pictures are really famous.

I can't believe how they can take people for a ride like that or even think that people are thick and will swallow everything. It just shows . . . and they want young people to understand about history?

Anyone who is interested and for example taped the programme will find out one day that they showed a picture that has nothing to do with Auschwitz.

Another funny thing is that when you go to the [TV station's] website and try to click on that particular episode of the series it doesn't give you a little finger to open it. All the others do.

Stefan de Batselier

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[We invite readers to watch for a repeat of the programme and email to us a screen-capture of the fake "Auschwitz" photo]



German television has a long record of using fake "atrocity" photos. See our dossier on Stuttgart professor Eberhard Jaeckel and his forgery of a postwar Hamburg railway station photo.

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