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Stefan de Batselier writes from London, Saturday, May 20, 2000

I've got most of your books and have read them over the years with interest. The outcome of the trial hasn't changed my opinion about you. I will keep reading any new book you publish. History (WW.II history) is a hobby for me so I'm not a specialist at all.

My field is photography. The trial didn't give me any answers about the "Holocaust" -- I'm still none the wiser. The only thing that the trial taught me is to be very wary of the media.

In my eyes that is your "Triumph in Adversity". You made a young person like me see how unreliable the media are. How things get distorted and twisted. It's all very subtle (and sometimes not) but it's there.

I saw a program months ago on the BBC about Rudi Kennedy, a Jewish ex-slave worker in Buna, Auschwitz. It was all about his quest to get compensation for ex-slave workers. At one point he visits Hans Deichmann, a relative of one of the top people (according to the program) at I.G. Farben, who worked for them from 1936 till 1948. He says he went to Auschwitz ten times (from March 1942 till December 1944) and has these little I.G. Farben "Taschenkalender" in which he wrote down all the dates and what he did, like a diary. He says he saw the chimneys of the crematoria and the smoke coming out of them. He claims everybody talked about it. There was nothing to hide.

When asked, he claims he knew about the gas chambers from the end of 1943. He says Zyklon B was provided by a firm that was nearly fifty percent of I.G. Farben.

I keep hearing so many conflicting stories. I don't know what to believe anymore because each side always has this "evidence" of their views.

Stefan de Batselier

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