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John Bedarfas writes on Tuesday, July 20, 1999

[...] By the way, I enjoy your site immensely. One article that I found especially stimulating was "How far was the KGB Jewish?"

Now that Lithuania is independent, I was able to meet for the first time Lithuanians who experienced the "real" Soviet terror. We all know the nasty things that the Jews say about Lithuanians committing atrocities during WWII. Evidently, Anne Frank's book is now distributed to Lithuanian educators to teach the Holocaust.

Lithuanians I spoke to, though, tell another story. Jewish NKVD* torturers committed several atrocities against Lithuanian partisans and innocent civilians. Where are the books on Real History about what happened in Lithuania? Perhaps it's time to begin writing about the Real History of what happened to Lithuanians and Lithuania. You've been an inspiration to one "European American!"

Best Regards,

John Bedarfas

 *David Irving comments:

 The NKVD was the military forerunner of the KGB, the Soviet secret police, and active during WW.II.

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