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Haraldur Blöndal writes from Iceland, Saturday, October 23, 1999

SOME decades ago an Icelander Dr. Gudbrandur Jonsson became a personal friend of Heinrich Himmler (I think 1921-26?).

Gudbrandur was a personal friend. Gudbrandur was a catholic and a social democrat. We have in Iceland his version, when he visited Dachau, several years before the war. He was personally invited by Himmler. There he met some of his old comrades of the German Social Democratic party, - and I thing he managed to let some of them free. We have very good description of that camp in that time by late Gudbrandur. Some of his description are printed, other are not.

By influence of Gudbrandur, Himmler gave Hermann Jónasson, then prime minister of Iceland, a personal gift: A porcelain SS warrior ca 50 cm high. Hermann's son, Steingrimur Hermansson, who was later prime minister, as his father, did have this warrior on his working board. Do you think anyone in the world (1984-87-91) would have a personal gift from Himmler on his desk? It can be proved, because there is a photo of that warrior in an Icelandic book from that time.

I know, that you do not know me. I am advocate to the Supreme Court of Iceland. [...]

I am not saying, that I always agree with you, Dear Sir, but I like your books very much.

Haraldur Blöndal

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