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Maureen Bower writes from Thornhill, Ontario, June 19, 1998:

THOUGHT I'd mention some articles I've been reading lately by Robert Goldsborough - American Research Foundation - with respect to the issue of Freemasonry and it's decided influence with respect to lawyers, judges, prosecutors, magistrates and police. Your Home Secretary, Jack Straw, wants all Masons to be registered for public identification.

Many of your enemies belong to this anti-Christian conspiratorial secret society that is working to establish a one world republic and a one world religion. The Lord Chief Justice of the Judge's Council, Lord Gingham, stated in March that he could see no reason for judges to reveal their "private associations".

It would be helpful to know just whom and what you are dealing with when you attend Court.

Maureen Bower
Ontario, Canada

 David Irving notes:

  I agree, and when the time comes I intend, discreetly, to ask the Court about their affiliations. See what I wrote about the role of Masons in the Nuremberg trials, in Nuremberg, the Last Battle.

David Irving

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